Uscreen VOD OTT (Video-On-Demand Over-The-Top) Platform Review

online course platforms Jun 14, 2020

Uscreen is very unique compared to all of the other course platforms that we have reviewed, as it uniquely utilizes the power of video to teach students.


In our opinion, it is one of the best video monetization platforms around, perfect for creators, educators, and video entrepreneurs who are looking to build a thriving online business and extend their reach.



What Is Uscreen?


In simplest terms, Uscreen is a video monetization platform.


Educators and video creators who use Uscreen have the opportunity to sell their videos online using a variety of unique pricing models. The platform reflects many of the on-demand video platforms that we see today, including Netflix and Hulu.


With native apps for both mobile and TV, creators don’t need to worry about having special software developing skills to get their content up and running. Uscreen allows creators and educators to extend outside of their smaller communities, market and distribute their content, and monetize to profitability.


While Uscreen can be used for a variety of things, there are a few niches that are extremely popular on the Uscreen platform.


These include

  • Health and Fitness

  • Yoga and Lifestyle

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Kids Content

  • YouTubers


It is no question that the ad-based monetization model is on a downslope and video creators are seeking out new platforms to escape its unpredictable nature and the low income that it breeds.


Uscreen essentially offers an environment that is much easier for creators to control where they can monetize their videos through, OTT apps, pay-per-view, subscriptions, and more.


All-In-One Platform


With video hosting, streaming, monetization, and analytics built-in, you can think of Uscreen as an all-in-one platform. The platform provides users with marketing tools, community tools, OTT apps, and user support, which is essentially everything a creator needs to find success in the business.


Better yet, all of the revenue that is generated by the creator goes to the creator. Creators who use Uscreen simply pay a monthly fee to get access to the platform. The rest is yours to keep.




The customization features on Uscreen are pretty phenomenal. You can personalize your apps and your website with ease to fit your brand so that you can become a more memorable teacher to your audience. You can choose from a number of great themes, change colors, add logos, and even dig in with CSS and HTML modifications.


All of the Uscreen themes come complete with built-in sales pages and checkout pages as well. The best part is that, though the themes and layouts are unique, the process for viewers from start to finish is always seamless to help increase conversions.




The need to market is important no matter what platform you decide to use. The great thing about the team at Uscreen is that they have developed a large set of built-in marketing features that allows creators to step up their marketing game.


Some of the tools include:

  • Abandoned Cart Sequences: Allows you to send emails to prospective customers who “abandoned” their cart during checkout. You can offer a discount or encourage customers to complete their orders with this feature.

  • Built-in Commenting: Users have the power to set up access levels to enable video comments. You can also respond to comments and engage with the community from your dashboard.

  • Gift Cards: Uscreen allows users to sell gift cards from their site. A viewer can purchase a digital gift card and give it to another Uscreen viewer to allow them access to your videos.





How Much Can I Earn With Uscreen?


Some of the top Uscreen creators are earning up to $30,000 per month. Average users, on the other hand, typically make around $7,000 per month. Creators and educators can take advantage of the many easy-to-use storefronts without having to worry about any “behind-the-curtain” details of setting up a payment strategy.


There are a few different ways that Uscreen allows users to monetize their videos:

  • Transactions: One-off purchases that allow viewers to purchase specific video content with lifetime access

  • Subscriptions: Monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions

  • Rentals: Users can make videos available for limited periods

  • Bundles: Creating bundles of video content that can be sold as a bigger package

  • Live Streaming: pay-per-view streaming


Thanks to the fact that the platform can accept payments from over 130 different currencies, you can take your classes globally with ease.


Speaking Of Live Streaming…



Live streaming is a priority for many video creators today. It provides educators and creators with better ways to engage with their viewers. The great thing is that Uscreen allows its creators and educators to generate revenue from live streaming as well.


The live streaming network utilizes a global CDN network that is very robust, allowing for seamless streaming anywhere in the world. No matter the location or the bandwidth, viewers can enjoy multi-bitrate adaptive streaming to ensure the best possible viewing experience.


Viewers can also access live streaming from almost any device, including mobile iOS, Android, FireTV, AppleTV, and Roku.


Final Verdict - Is Uscreen Worth It?


In our opinion, Uscreen is one of the best video monetization platforms around right now. The platform offers creators just about everything they need to create profitable online businesses. They provide creators with full control over their audiences and they don’t charge a revenue share as many other video platforms do.


If you have a skill that can be easily translated over videos, such as the niches we mentioned earlier, then Uscreen might be your best choice.


Make sure to also check out our Top 5 Platforms For Creating and Selling Online Courses blog to see a quick comparison between a few of our favorite sites. For any other questions about online course platforms or online course creation, you can get in touch with us here on our website.


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