Scalability Always Wins

You don't have to ONLY trade your time for money.

You and your company have skills and knowledge that can be monetized.

You can build a scalable business and an "engine" that runs 24x7.

Royalties and passive income are not only for rock legends and Hollywood actors.


All you have to do is offer an online course with stunning production, engaging instructional design,

and ensure that your students retain what you want them to learn.

but does this sound familiar?

The idea of doing an online course seems like a great idea. Passive income, scalability, leads, and colossal traffic results to your website. You "get it," but how to get it all set up seems like a long way away?


How do you refine your idea so that it sells?


How do you develop and organize a curriculum and storyboard?


What do you need in regards to videography equipment?


Should you self-host a website, use a marketplace, or both?

If you used both, what is the difference and strategy for using both?


And the questions go on...


You know what awaits you at the end of the journey, but you don't know how to get there. 

To really get this done, you need someone that has already learned these lessons, and cares.

You need guidance.

If you are looking for the answers and a plan that will show you what to do, and take you all the way to launch, 

 my team and I are here to partner with you. 

If you rely only on yourself to get there, it might not ever happen, or you will make mistakes along the way.  

 Don't make time-costly mistakes. 

Because you'll have questions.

  • What course platform ( LMS ) is best for my course/s?

  • How do I organize my ideas into modules and lessons?

  • Can I use my existing ppt presentations, handouts, and materials I've been using help get started?

  • How do I create a "marketplace" that has multiple courses to offer?

  • How can I engage, entertain, and touch the lives of my students?

  • What is "batch production" and how can I use one piece of content across multiple platforms?

  • What other software do I need? Such as email, affiliates, Live Support Chat, Help Desk, etc.?

  • How do I price my services and programs? One-time VS. membership subscriptions?

  • How do I get people to come to my website and build an email list?

  • Being in front of a camera freaks me out. Can I get some coaching with on-camera skills?

  • Who is going to implement my course to all the platforms and build my website?

  • Who is going to build the email funnels, pipelines, and drip sequences?

  • I want my course to be in different languages. How do I do that?

  • When and how should I launch my course?

Lots of questions


Again, you are aware of these requirements but do not know how to make it happen.

If you try to do this alone, I'll be completely straight up with you, it is not going to get done, or you are going to be buried in confusion and frustration on what to do next. Let our team help you. 

Developing, producing, and publishing an online course is a character-building experience. Simply put, it is a lot of work and a character-building experience.

Be smart and get help from people that have done this before.

If you want to get this done in a way that makes you super proud of the course with limited headaches, let our team provide consultation, coaching, and project management for you.

We'll meet on the phone and/or zoom and iron out every step in the process.

We'll plan out what needs to be done, by when, and by whom, to get you to the goal line.

We'll give you a recommendation on all the technology you need and implement it all for you.

We are excited to help you and appreciate the opportunity to be responsible for your success in this experience. 

In the end, it is the freedom from passive income and scalability that will ultimately be delivered. Let us help you to reveal the true beauty and magic of your knowledge to serve others.. 

Online courses have radically transformed my life and the lives of so many of my friends, partners, and mentors.

Now it is your turn! 

A checklist of the things

we will be covering 

  • Helping you refine your course idea with business validation.

  • Finding the best software for your business. Self-Hosted & marketplace platforms.

  • Accountability to help you stay on track.

  • Helping you build your curriculum and storyboard.

  • Mapping out your content marketing strategy.

  • SEO: Organic and PPC strategies.

  • How, and when, to launch your online course.

  • Giving you on-camera coaching if necessary.

  • Adding foreign language captions to your course to expand your market potential.

  • Online course design and methods for creating course content.

  • How to handle customer support and how Live Chat can become one of your powerful, secret marketing tools.

  • How to turn the increased traffic into leads.

  • How to take your course and repurpose it across different course channels for multiple revenue streams.

  • The development of interactive books to add unique value to your offering.

  • …and everything else involved in building an online business that needs to be taken care of to get you the lifestyle you dream of.

And now you're probably asking…

Why should you listen to me?

I have authored a best selling book and produced 15 successful online courses that have sold in over 175 countries. I have lost count of how many customers I have served with my online courses, but I know it is well over 100,000. 

I built an International school of voice that services singers and public speakers around the world. This business features a portfolio of online courses. This is where I cut my teeth in the online course business.


This business alone nets an estimated half a million of passive revenue from course sales. It offers a marketplace of courses from multiple instructors and provides a multi-international membership service.


I've seen it all, tried it all, landed on my ass, enjoyed some big wins, and a few breaks along the way. I did this all with passion, work ethic, and a vision to serve others. This continues today with courseCREEK Consulting.


I have stood in front of a camera and produced courses myself. I do not only talk about how to make courses and "reveal secrets" in webinars, but I have also actually done it. Leading by example is how I roll and I believe my clients deserve this in a consultant and mentor.


Today, courseCREEK as helped 40 other thought leaders and educators build their own online courses for the first time. These educators have come from every walk of life and industry. With each project, our team know-how and expertise grow. You will benefit greatly from it.

I have developed and provided instructional design and course development for companies like Fire-Up Training, Udemy, and Olavikan Clinic in Bergen, Norway.


I am building courseCREEK Consultancy with people that are ready to achieve scalability, passive income, and change for their lives and the lives of their students forever.

C O N S U L T I N G 

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