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Consulting, creation, implementation,  marketing and sales—courseCREEK is the first e learning firm that manages the entire process for you.

Online course creation consulting

How We Work

We have developed a unique approach that takes you through a 4 Phase journey that we specially designed to generate results.  Each phase includes everything that has to happen in order for you to launch a successful online course. Read about our process below.

elearning course strategy
Phase 1: Consulting

Develop a Strategy & Plan

Meet with Specialists from the courseCREEK team for a robust needs analysis to deliver a strategic, marketing, and technology plan for all phases of courseCREEK services.

elearning course consulting
Phase 2: Coaching

Create Your Course Content

We will help you build your storyboard and create an effective instructional design that will take your students through a transformative experience. Formats we will help you design include: on-camera, articulate 360, character animations, motion design video editing, as well as slide voiceovers.

elearning platform setup
Phase 3: Implementation

Build Your Platform & Marketing Funnels

The essential implementation strategy for all course providers. Included in this package is the creation of a brief Udemy course, a sales-focussed landing page, an email nurture campaign, an original lead magnet, a video landing page, as well as management services and support.

elearning platform marketing and sales
Phase 4: Marketing

Drive Traffic & Launch Your Profitable Engine

We develop a strategic launch campaign for you that will create excitement around your new course. Next, our digital marketing experts take the reigns on all your onsite and offsite SEO, manage all your social media, including content curation, and develop guaranteed ROI paid advertising campaigns.

What Makes Us Different?

courseCREEK has over 25 years experience in e learning and has helped hundreds of coaches and companies successfully create, implement and sell online courses.

The online learning industry is full of freelancers and firms that sell you partial solutions and cannot be there with you every step of the way. 
Why? Because it requires a diverse set of expertise and it includes "creation" and "implementation" - the hard parts. It's messy, heavy lifting work that other firms simply don't want to touch...

...but we will!

Coursecreek online course consulting

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