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Top 8 Online Course Platforms

Updated: Mar 27

It may come as no surprise to you that e-learning is on the rise. More and more teachers and content creators are moving over to the e-learning sphere to bring their courses to the masses.

In fact, Forbes estimates that by 2025, the e-learning market will be worth a whopping $325 billion. There is profit to be made from creating online class platforms. Unfortunately, there are many who have no idea where to start.

That is exactly why we wanted to rank and review the 8 best online course platforms so that you can make the most out of creating and selling your courses!

Kajabi - Best Overall


Kajabi is the perfect choice for the teacher who is seeking a top-notch course builder that provides in-depth course building tools. The platform features a wide variety of tools, such as email and marketing automation, powerful course site themes, customizable checkout, digital products, and functionality for blogging.

Overall, Kajabi is a bit expensive compared to the rest of the online platforms at $119 per month, though with almost $700 million dollars processed through their platform and over 16,000 businesses in collaboration with them, they know a thing or two about online courses.

Top Features

  • Marketing Automation Tools

  • Supreme Course site Themes

  • Gorgeous Interface

LearnDash - Best For Wordpress Users


LearnDash is a top-of-the-line online course platform that is made to integrate with Wordpress. Thousands of businesses and organizations around the world use LearnDash, including WP Elevation, Yoast, University of Michigan, and more!

Their platform features an in-depth course builder and smart email drip schedule campaigns, perfect for matching your content to a bulk email schedule to send lessons depending on how students are moving through your program.

LearnDash also features unique Gradebook Technology that provides weighted averages for grades based on homework and quiz scores, helping students to earn badges, awards, and certificates for their course successes.

Top Features

  • “Focus Mode” to Block Out Distractions

  • Unique Gradebook Technology

  • Full-Featured Course Builder

Udemy - Most Widespread User Base

Udemy is one of the top online course platform marketplaces out there right now. There are over 80,000 courses, 35,000 instructors, and 24 million students. You can start on Udemy by signing up as a premium instructor.

When you’re in, creating your courses is easier than ever!

One of the major benefits to Udemy is the ability to promote your class within the platform. They have top-notch marketing features and a high-tier affiliate program.

Make sure to check out my Udemy page here to learn more.

Top Features

  • Massive User Base

  • Substantial Revenue For Tuition Fees

  • Opt-In Marketing Promotions

Academy of Mine - Best For Total Customization


If you’re looking for a high-end e-learning platform that promotes total customization and personalized customer success, Academy of Mine is a wonderful choice. The development hours to set up and launch your course is completely free.

Not only does Academy of Mine help users to set up and launch their courses, they also help them to sell their courses using analytics dashboards and marketing tools. Whether you are looking to craft online courses to help manage your establishment or your business requires mandatory training due to ever-evolving codes or laws in your industry, Academy of Mine is there to help.

At $499 per month, it may seem a bit expensive for sole proprietors, though for small to mid-sized businesses that need a platform to provide high-quality training for clients or employees, it is one of the best options around.

Top Features

  • Integrated Your Website

  • Completely Customized LMS

  • Top-Notch Analytics Dashboard

Thinkific - Most Popular


Thinkific is one of the most popular online course platforms around right now, providing educators and creators with innovative email marketing tools, user-friendly features, and total membership site integration. They have wonderful 24/7 support as well.

The drag-and-drop editor makes creating courses extremely easy and the well-designed templates help to add a bit of flair to your course’s overall aesthetic. There are a variety of advanced business tools on Thikific, as well as simple integration with over 1,500 apps, squashing the need for Wordpress plugins.

Thinkific is known for its highly-targeted campaigns, perfect for providing different segments of your audience with the right content.

Top Features

  • Tons of Well-Designed Templates

  • Membership Site Integration

  • Incredible 24/7 Support

Podia - Best For Podcasters


Podia has over 11,000 users, allowing them to craft, host, and sell lessons through an easy and efficient platform. The beauty of Podia is the overall efficiency. Without any transaction fees, you can simply run through their three-step course process and get your own course running in less than an hour!

They provide users with the ability to pre-launch their courses, add memberships and coupons, leverage drip courses, and add pages for sales. The ability to add drip courses is very special, as it provides students with access to specific sections of a course at a time so that they follow the course structure accurately.

For those in search of an online learning platform with effective, affiliate-based sales and powerful membership functionality, Podia is a valuable choice.

Top Features

  • Ability To Leverage Drip Courses

  • Run Your Own Affiliate Program

  • Pre-Launch Courses

Ruzuku - Easiest To Use


Ruzuku is perfect for those who need a step-by-step process to work through. You can create online courses and PDFs in a matter of minutes with Ruzuku, as well as create course outlines, launch your course, edit and reorder your courses, and get sales feedback.

Ruzuku uses tons of familiar tools, such as Mailchimp for bulk emails and Stripe or Paypal for accepting payments. Plus, they don’t charge any transaction fees, which is great for small business owners.

There is a reason why Ruzuku refers to its platform as the “ridiculously easy course creator”.

Top Features

  • Integrated With Familiar Tools

  • Quick and Easy Course Creation

  • Offers Unlimited Courses To Unlimited Students, No Matter the Plan

WizIQ - Most Affordable


For educators who are looking to set up live and interactive online classes in virtual classrooms, WizIQ is one of the best affordable choices. There are well over 400,000 instructors and four million students on WizIQ.

There are innovative tools for live teaching and training, such as video streaming, discussion boards, and analytics. Plus, there are mobile options available as well, making the platform much more flexible.

If you are an educator who likes the idea of working in a live environment, WizIQ might be the perfect choice for you!

Top Features

  • Live Virtual Classrooms

  • High-quality Video Streaming

  • Available Mobile Options

Finding The Best Online Course Platform For YOU

Online course platforms are awesome. They can help you to achieve audience growth, teach millions of students about topics you love, and create a sustainable home business for yourself to attain financial freedom.

While all of these platforms are fantastic in their own way, we highly recommend Kajabi. With the ability to easily upload content, provide top-notch training, and get insights and analytics for your course performance, it’s almost a no-brainer.

If you’re looking to get started today, make sure to get in contact with us here at Course Creek so that we can help you build the online course of your dreams!

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