The Story of Ridercise 

Clare Gangadeen is the President and owner of Ridercise

a company that teaches fitness to horse trainers. She knew that she wanted to create an online learning platform for her business, but wasn’t sure how exactly to make it happen. Clare knew that online course production could be difficult and costly. That’s why she decided to partner with courseCREEK, the industry leader in helping companies embrace eLearning and bring their online course dreams to life.

Directorial Freedom


Save Time and Money

Company Challenge

Clare had attempted to hire a video producer to help her create the video content that she would need to create an online course for Ridercise, but, in the words of Clare, that endeavor turned into an “epic, epic, epic, fail.” This producer was not well-equipped for the work that Clare needed, and this shortfall resulted in months of wasted time and money.

Clare needed to find a partner that she could trust; a business with real expertise in eLearning and online course production. That’s when she found courseCREEK.

How We Helped

  1. courseCREEK began by moulding our proven course production framework to match Ridercise’s unique needs. Our structured and detailed approach to course creation ensures that there is no waste of time or resources.
  2. courseCREEK’s team then coached Clare on how to produce her own high-quality, professional video content. This gives her freedom over her business direction and means that she doesn’t have to worry about spending thousands of dollars on outsourcing production to another company.
  3. Next, it was time to implement the course content that Clare had produced. Clare selected one of courseCREEK’s proven implementation packages, and we took the wheel from there. We managed the entire LMS configuration, setup, and course creation. 
  4. We then constructed a custom lead generation funnel to transform course traffic into inbound sales for Ridercise.
  5. The only step left was to promote Clare’s new course. Clare was able to build a custom marketing package to drive traffic into the top of her new lead generation funnel.
  6. The rest is history! 

Result and Impact 

Directorial Freedom

Through courseCREEK’s direct coaching philosophy, Clare was able to acquire the skills she needed to produce great course content, and do it all herself. This gives her control over the direction of her company, and allows her to be agile in producing new content for Ridercise.


What could’ve taken Clare a year (or longer) only took a few months with courseCREEK’s proven methodology. Every month that Clare saved by getting her course live resulted in additional months of online revenue.

Save Time and Money

As Clare says, “time is money.” She wanted her course to be done right the first time around, and courseCREEK was the partner she needed to facilitate that.

“Rest assured that Robert and his superb team go above and beyond to meet your needs and they do it with speed and a genuine desire to please. [...] they stood by my side and waited and soon as I was ready they picked up the reins and drove the whole build forward with professionalism, dedication and passion to deliver a quality service.”

Clare Gandgadeen
President & Owner, Ridercise

courseCREEK has helped dozens of companies around the world, just like Ridercise, to realize their online course potential

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