We do not sell dreams.

We create, implement & market them for you.

courseCREEK Consulting is a firm of renowned specialists that help coaches and companies launch online courses & e-learning solutions so you can create a greater impact, faster.



How We Work

We have developed a unique approach that takes you through a 4 Phase journey consisting of consulting, creation, implementation, and marketing.  Each phase includes everything that has to happen in order for you to launch a successful online course.

Phase 1: Consulting

Develop a Strategy & Plan

We begin the journey by asking you what the desired outcome you want for yourself and for your students. This is followed by a discovery process with you and our team of specialists to build a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, which ultimately becomes your roadmap. This roadmap includes recommending the best technology platforms (learning management systems), clarifying your messaging and marketing strategies to drive traffic.

Phase 2: Coaching

Create Your Course Content

In the Course Creator Transformation phase, we will help you build your storyboard and create an effective instructional design that will take your students through a transformative experience. Course content formats we will help you create include; on-camera video, articulate 360, character animations, motion graphics video editing, AI avatars, and voiceovers with slides. In Phase 2 you will receive videography gear recommendations with on-camera coaching, or you can schedule time at our on-location video shoot studio to produce your videos with the highest level of video production. Let our producers do the work for you! 

Phase 3: Implementation

Build Your Platform & Marketing Funnels

Our implementation managers and creative design department will build your learning management system, apply StoryBrand copywriting techniques to clarify your message, and develop & design your marketing funnels - all of which will work for you to convert traffic into course sales.

Phase 4: Marketing

Drive Traffic & Launch Your Profitable Engine

The juicy part. We develop a strategic launch campaign for you that will create excitement around your new course. Next, our digital marketing experts take the reigns on all your onsite and offsite SEO, manage all your social media including content curation, and develop guaranteed ROI paid advertising campaigns.

What Makes Us Different?

courseCREEK is the first e-learning firm that manages the entire process for you

and we do this through our unique 4-Phase approach. The industry is full of freelancers and firms that sell you partial solutions and cannot be there with you every step of the way. 
Why? Because it requires a diverse set of expertise and it includes "creation" and "implementation" - the hard parts. It's messy, heavy lifting work that other firms simply don't want to touch...

...but we will!

Ready to Get Started?

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