We begin many of our engagements by asking you what the desired outcome you want for yourself and for your students. This is followed by a discovery process with you and your team to build a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. The plan will make recommendations on exactly how we will achieve the desired outcomes from coaching, technology, implementation to marketing.

Issues we uncover and recommend include; platforms, content audits to convert your ideas to storyboards, email marketing strategies and we will give you an expectation for the overall project investment.

The strategic plan also gives the team actionable tasks so you will know what needs to get done and by whom. You will have a clear expectations regarding everything that needs to get done and how it will be completed.



courseCREEK offers a unique coaching phase, we call it the "Course Creator Transformation" or Phase 2.

The CCT phase is a mentorship experience that teaches you the skills that you have to have to be the creative force behind your course.

  • You will learn how to put your ideas into storyboards with professional instructional design.

  • You will learn about engagement and interactive elements that make a course educational and entertaining such as; quizzes, assessments, downloads, external resource pages, labs, interactive video players, and more.

  • You will receive on-camera coaching to help you learn how to deliver an entertaining and on-point presentation lesson.

  • You will receive recommendations for videography gear that you need. This recommendation will save you thousands.

  • We will coach you on editing your content.

  • Anything else you need to prepare you for production.






Choosing the right platform for your project is critical to your strategy and the success of everything else that follows. courseCREEK are experts on all the major course platforms. Learning Management Systems give you capabilities such as;

  • Building the lessons & course curriculum modules

  • Built-in email systems; lead capture, nuturting, automation, sequences, funnel creation, etc.

  • Landing pages

  • Live chat, Help Desk & chat bots

  • Multiple course marketplace offerings

  • Bundled offers, membership subscriptions, and products

  • Communities

  • Lead tracking and data collection

  • Payment gateways

  • Affiliate programs

  • ... and on...

Our team can build on any platform. Our team has experience implementing kajabi, Thinkific, Teachable, LearnWorlds, Podia, Uscreen, WordPress Themes, Wix, or Katobee (interactive media books). We also have partners that can handle large Enterprise systems that require customization for financial, health care, government, and education requirements.


Most importantly and to the point, you do not need to stress about what kind of platform you need.


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