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In over 197 countries and counting. 

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In 5 languages and implemented across multiple platforms like Udemy, Kajabi, Learnworld, and more.

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Our experience building and marketing online courses & eLearning solutions.

Online e learning course platforms

The global eLearning Market was estimated at USD 144 Billion in 2019 and is expected to be over USD 374 Billion by 2026.

Facts & Figures Research, December 2020

The demand for eLearning is being fuelled by:

  1. Technological advancements - which have lead to increased affordability and accessibility of electronic devices.
  2. The ability for eLearning to be customized according to one's pace of learning and understanding, and it offering various tools that increase the engagement of the learners.
  3. Rising demand for online certification and professional courses due to rapid technological transformations.


Online e learning course platforms

Research suggests that students retain 25-60% more material when learning online compared to only 8-10% in a classroom.

World Economic Forum, April 2020

If you are a business owner, coach or educator, now is the time to build an online learning product.

You don't want to be stuck always selling your time; which is fatiguing, impossible to scale and leaves you behind in the new knowledge business future. Businesses that want to remain relevant, capture new market share and grow revenue in today's digital age, have to begin to build their eLearning strategy now.


The big problem with eLearning

Most businesses will not create, implement, market or sell an online course. Most fail. They start but never finish. Or finish their course but never launch. Or launch and are not able to generate sales.

There are a lot of unknowns and a massive list of tasks that need to be completed. Furthermore, there is a plethora of platforms and people in the space. So, businesses are not sure which to trust. These issues coupled with the massive learning curve, and huge time commitment make it very challenging. There is no way to get this done without 3rd party help.

courseCREEK is the first eLearning firm that manages the entire process for you and we do this with our unique 4-Phase approach.

It requires a diverse set of expertise and it includes "creation" and "implementation" - the hard parts. It's messy, heavy lifting work that other firms simply don't want to touch. 

Phase 1: Consulting - Develop a Strategy & Plan

We begin the journey by asking you what the desired outcome you want for yourself and for your students. This is followed by a discovery process with you and our team of specialists to build a comprehensive strategic marketing plan, which ultimately becomes your roadmap. This roadmap includes recommending the best technology platforms (learning management systems), clarifying your messaging and marketing strategies to drive traffic.

Phase 2: Coaching - Create Your Course Content

In the Course Creator Transformation phase, we will help you build your storyboard and create an effective instructional design that will take your students through a transformative experience. Formats we will help you design include; on-camera, articulate 360, character animations, motion graphics video editing, and voiceovers with slides. In Phase 2 you will receive videography gear recommendations with on-camera coaching, or our on-location video production services.

Phase 3: Implementation - Build Your Platform & Marketing Funnels

Our implementation managers, copywriters and creative design department will build your learning management system, apply StoryBrand copywriting techniques to clarify your message, and develop & design your marketing funnels - all of which will work for you to convert traffic into course sales.

Phase 4: Marketing - Drive Traffic & Launch Your Profitable Engine

The juicy part. We develop a strategic launch campaign for you that will create excitement around your new course. Next, our digital marketing experts take the reigns on all your onsite and offsite SEO, manage all your social media including content curation, and develop guaranteed ROI paid advertising campaigns.

What should you expect working with courseCREEK?

  • A do it with you, hands on approach. You will be assigned an account team of industry specialists that will work with you on a first name basis through the phases.

  • Fast and efficient delivery of your project assets.

  • Readily available support and customer service.

  • Unique project management system.

  • Online course platform playbook; and other valuable online course creation, implementation, and sales resources.

  • 1-on-1 personal consultation and direct access to our CEO.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

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