We Don't Sell Dreams, We Create, Implement & Market Them For You


We Don't Sell Dreams, We Create, Implement & Market Them For You

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You need a boutique agency which works with you on a first name basis, and offers a team that has done this before, backed by real client testimonials and case studies.

This is where courseCREEK helps you-

We are a marketing firm that delivers scalable solutions; consulting, creating, implementing, and marketingyour services.

Robert Lunte, Client Champion & CEO

Robert has 25+ years of experience creating and marketing online services. With nine courses and two cohorts in 5 languages, his scalable solutions drive over half a million in net revenue annually. The team at courseCREEK is world-class and is here to help you achieve similar results. Stop ONLY selling your time.


You need services and targeted marketing strategies that are sure to bring in passive income, leads and International exposure



The courseCREEK Methodology

courseCREEK manages the entire process for you - whether you're just getting started, or need help getting better results with existing programs.

Our 4-Phase approach ensures you will only need to work with one company and one team of specialists

Phase 1: Consulting

We Develop a Strategy & Plan

Meet with Specialists from the courseCREEK team for a robust needs analysis to deliver a strategic, marketing, and technology plan for all phases of courseCREEK services.

Phase 2: Content Creation

We Create Your Content With You

Our A.D.D.I.E-trained instructional designers will help you build your storyboard and create an effective instructional design that will take your students and clients through an engaging learning experience. Content formats available: on-location video production, DIY on-camera coaching, articulate 360 design, character animations, motion design video editing, as well as slide voiceovers.  

We will also bring you to our on-location video shoot studio to produce your videos with the highest level of professional production. Let our professional lighting, sound, cameramen, and producers do the work for you!

Phase 3: Implementation

We Build Your Platform & Funnels

Our implementation managers build your website (Platform), solution into a state-of-the-art learning management content delivery system. Includes; market funnels, landing pages, inbound email, automation, branding, conversion sales copy, lead magnets, a video landing pages, nurture email sequences and more.

Phase 4: Marketing & Lead Generation

You Will Be Given ROI with Results

Our marketing specialists develop strategic launch campaigns that will create excitement around your service. courseCREEK digital marketing experts will manage your SEO, Omni PPC, Social Media Management and LinkedIn lead generation.

CourseCreek Client Deliverables

Passive Revenue Streams

Lead Generation & Opening New Markets

More Speaking & B2B Coaching Opportunities

Gain Instant International 


SEO, PPC, SMM Services Will Increase Your Growth & Sales

Build Your "Tribe" of Followers & Then Market What They Love About You

Relax, Gain More Family Time, More Travel and, Work From Anywhere

courseCREEK Tech & Marketing Stack

We partner with the best platforms to give your company cutting-edge features, and capabilities such as; developing B2B licensing capabilities, opening new markets, automated sales conversions, proven marketing funnels that convert, establish multiple income streams and, transform lives for the better, especially YOURS.



Our Leadership & Team Embrace Best Practices For Your Benefit.

Level up your expertise and existing content by utilizing the leverage eCommerce services provide, with targeted high ROI marketing.

Every marketing campaign needs something to sell, every digital product needs to be marketed.

The sheer complexity of getting everything together, and knowing what to do from start to finish is overwhelming. In fact, it is impossible to do it all yourself. Don't even try, get help from professionals that do this every day for businesses like yours.

We are courseCREEK - and our in-depth understanding and experience enables us to give you an advantage over your competitors. How?

You need one agency that is uniquely positioned to create, implement and market your digital products for you. You will only need to work with us, we will handle EVERYTHING.

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What should you expect working with courseCREEK?

  • RESULTS! New business growth with your existing and/or your new scalability services.

  • Our commitment, supported by solid agreements. Your project will become what we envisioned, and what we agreed to.

  • A proven business model to give you new found freedom from ONLY selling your time.

  • The satisfaction of knowing your current course is FINALLY running with automation with a complete customer value journey of all your products and services, offered at all the right times.

  • High ROI, laser-targeted marketing campaigns that will increase your traffic, followers, and sales conversions.

  • A do-it-with-you, hands-on approach that incorporates project management, slack and reports you need to get regular updates and communicate effectively.

  • We will give you an agency experience that shows we care and is consistent with our testimonials and case studies. 

  • You will be assigned a professional team of specialists; account managers, instructional designers, implementation managers, digital marketing specialists and a project manager.

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You can't do this alone, it is impossible. Let us help you. THIS is what we do.

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