I will help you build an online course.

Hi. I'm Robert

 - So you can - 

  • achieve scalability

  • generate passive income

  • share your story through lessons

. . . and gain new-found freedom

Clarity & Understanding

You know that online courses can give you passive income and scalability. But did you know they can also be a major source of Enterprise leads and public speaking gigs? Are you aware that there are website platforms designed specifically for online courses? Speak with me and what you need to do will be clear to you in less than 20 minutes.

Why I can help you.

I have spent the last 20 years developing over 12 online courses that have sold in over 175 countries around the world in 6 different languages. One of my courses is widely considered to be the most effective online course for vocal training in the world and has served over 100,000 clients.


I have also produced 12 collaborative online courses with other thought leaders who trusted me to mentor them in achieving their dreams of financial freedom that can only come from the scalability of online courses.


This includes strategy consulting, production, project managing implementation, and marketing support.

What can I

help you with?

I am going to focus on what I know best and have the most experience in to ensure that you get the most value from me you can possibly get. That would be the following…


Strategy Consulting

You are asking, “What Do I Need To Do”?

I’m going to answer that question by giving you a clear plan, that points you

down the path of least resistance to achieve what you want and need. When the consultation is complete, you will feel a huge sense of clarity with a “kick in your step”.


Project Management

I’m going to be your Lead Project Manager that will manage a virtual team of online course implementation professionals. We will determine and handle the project action items required for your project. 

C O N S U L T I N G 

(425) 444-5053 | info@courseCREEK.com