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Advanced eLearning & 

One-Stop Service

to Monetize

Your Expertise


We're In The News:

We're In The News:


We are a boutique firm delivering personalized service with experienced specialists. View our client testimonials.

 Our firm delivers scalable solutions, consulting, creating, implementing, and marketing your services.

The premier eLearning provider delivering the full stack of services you need from one partner 




Your Full-Service Solution with a 4-Phase Approach.

Phase 1: Needs Analysis & Consulting

We Develop a Strategy For You

Partner with CourseCREEK experts for a comprehensive needs analysis, which will lead to a personalized Executable Plan, Audit, or Conversion Rate Optimization service tailored to your strategic, marketing, and tech-support needs.

Our deliverables will tell you everything you need for a successful project and a new business that delivers results.

Phase 2: Instructional Design & Content Creation

We Create The Content For You

Great courses demand solid instructional design. Our team combines scientific expertise, artistic talent, and years of experience to develop impactful learning experiences.

Our A.D.D.I.E certified designers (Analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate) craft curriculum tailored to your learners while ensuring you capture the lessons you need to teach. In collaboration with you, they will design storyboards that provide a transformational and engaging encounter for your learners.

Content Types We Can Create For You:

Persuasive Copywriting (Storybrand):

Our certified Storybrand copywriters work with you to develop messaging based on the science and art of great storytelling. After your copywriting session, you will receive a "Brandscript" with a world-class persuasive copy.

We invite you to the world-class on-location video production studios in Idaho at the Sun Valley Resort and Boise to ensure your videos align with the production quality established in your instructional design and copy.

Phase 3: Implementation: Platforms, Automated Funnels and AI-Enablement

We Build Your Website For You

We excel in LMS development. Our Expertise Includes;

  • Migrating content and client data to new LMS platforms
  • Embedding SCORM files into SCORM-compatible platforms
  • Building All-In-One LMS solutions
  • Integrating existing front-end websites into new LMS
  • Integrating Storybrand Brandscripts¬†Copywriting
  • Development of high-converting, automated marketing funnels
  • Writing and building automated nurture email sequences
  • We leverage Artificial Intelligence tools within today's Learning Management Systems.

Our Artificial Intelligence Solutions Focus on Automation;

  • Knowledge Response¬†Intelligent Agents

  • Human¬†Response¬†Intelligent Agents

  • AI-Generated¬†Workflow Automation

  • ¬†BoostAI¬†Intelligent Agents¬†for Partners

Our Tech-stack Expertise Includes;

Phase 4: Marketing & Lead Generation

You Get Leads & You Get Results

We deliver SEO, Google and META advertising, social media management, LinkedIn lead generation, outreach software, and CourseCREEK Hub.

CourseCREEK Hub is our CRM and automated funnel system integrated with your learning management system and LinkedIn lead generation service.

Our marketing team is made up of veterans who have over 25+ years of successful campaign experience.

With CourseCREEK's marketing team and our suite of services, you'll benefit from:

CourseCREEK Client Deliverables

Passive Revenue Streams
Lead Generation & Opening New Markets
More Speaking & B2B Coaching Opportunities
Gain Instant International Exposure
SEO, PPC, SMM Services Will Increase Your Growth & Sales
Create a Dedicated Following and Promote What They Admire in You
Relax, Gain More Family Time, More Travel and, Work From Anywhere

CourseCREEK Platform Experience

We are committed to providing our clients cutting-edge tech platforms with the latest features and innovations.



Professional Association Memberships.

It's important to partner with a trustworthy team of specialists who will be by your side for the long term.

The task is too complex, and it's not possible to know what to do from start to finish. Truth is, it is impossible to do it all yourself. Get help from our specialists who do this every day for businesses like yours.

You must work with one agency that will handle everything, from design, creation, and implementation to marketing your digital products.  We are the only agency you need.


The Commitment and Expectations We Stand Behind:

  • Scalability¬†- expand or launch a new venture for tangible results!

  • Solid agreements back our commitment. Your project will¬†become what we imagined and agreed to.¬†

  • True freedom¬†from ONLY selling your time, by helping you create a produce and service that is yours.

  • Your course will FINALLY run¬†with automation and¬†a complete customer journey that strategically introduces all your products and services to the right clients at the right time.

  • High ROI, laser-targeted marketing campaigns¬†that¬†are led by experienced Sr. Account Managers.

  • A hands-on approach with project management, Slack, and regular reports for effective communication.

  • We ensure your satisfaction. We will never deliver cheap service or abandon you. We are not going anywhere because we care and remaining by your side is built into our business model.¬†

  • You will be working with a team of specialists including account managers, instructional designers, implementation managers, digital marketing specialists, and a project manager.


Don't do it alone. Let us help. This is what we do. This is what we specialize in.

You Know You Need To Do This


Receive free weekly guidance from our team on successfully designing, implementing, and marketing your online course.


Here are a few things you'll learn:
  • How to properly define a topic for your course
  • How to design engaging lessons (including 3 brilliant tools you can use)
  • How to NOT look like an amateur on camera
  • Top 3 eLearning platforms you should use
  • Five landing page mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • ...and much more!