I give you strategy, coaching, and implement online courses for you.

Hi. I'm Robert

 - So you can - 

  • Achieve scalability

  • Generate passive income

  • Monetize your expertise

. . . and gain new-found freedom

  • Impact people's lives

Clarity & Understanding

You know that online courses can give you passive income and scalability. But did you know they can also be a major source of Enterprise leads and public speaking gigs? Did you know you can make money and increase your web traffic from marketplace websites? Speak with me and I will share with you my "Platform Funnel" strategy that makes over a quarter million a year in passive income from just one course.

Why I can help you.

I have spent the last 25 years developing over 15 online courses that have sold in over 175 countries around the world in 6 different languages. One of my courses is widely considered to be the most effective online course for vocal training in the world and has served over 100,000 clients.


I lead by example. I have actually created, produced, and successfully marketed courses for many years for my own school. I don't just talk about it, I'm the real deal. That goes for many members of my team as well.

I have also produced 12 collaborative online courses with other thought leaders, companies, and educators who trusted my team and me to help them achieve their desired outcome. Be that dreams of financial freedom, building additional scalable business lines, or both.

What can I

help you with?

I am going to focus on showing you exactly how to take your ideas and passions and turn them into scalable products and services. These new offers will give you passive income and a new liberating lifestyle. They will also serve the lives of your students. Seriously, I'll teach you how to do this and my team will build and implement it.

Getting It Right For You

You are asking, “What Needs To Happen To Make My Course a Reality”?

I’m going to answer that question by giving you a clear path that is based on the years of experience I have gained by doing this for so many years. In a nutshell, it consists of four main phases; consulting, coaching, implementation, and marketing. 


This method guarantees that every element that has to be addressed to build a successful course is tended to. We don't cut corners or sell you partial solutions. courseCREEK will take you all the way to the point where your course is live, nurturing traffic and converting traffic to sales.


When the consultation is complete, you will feel a huge sense of clarity with a “kick in your step”. 

The courseCREEK Approach

After we select the right platform for your course, I will lead and manage a team of online course implementation professionals that will implement your course into your recommended platform.

Implementation is rare in the course consulting industry. Why? Simple, because it is the hard stuff. Other firms do not want it. Instead, they tend to focus only on marketing strategies and "secrets to be revealed".


Let's be honest, do you want another "secrets to be revealed" webinar, or would you rather get to work and start building your course and dream?


From the earliest stages when we refine your idea, do market research, and help you build your storyboards. To giving you on-camera coaching and full implementation, courseCREEK will take you all the way to the finish line.

C O N S U L T I N G 

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