LMS Migration Experts: Migrate Your Data and Content To and From Any LMS Platform 


Our Migration Framework: Seamless Transition to a Superior LMS

Assessment and Planning

We conduct a thorough assessment of your current system and develop a detailed migration plan tailored to your needs.

Data Mapping and Cleansing

Ensure data accuracy and integrity by mapping and cleaning your data before the migration process begins.

Custom Configuration

Customize the new LMS to align with your specific business goals and operational requirements..

Content and User Migration

Efficiently transfer all course content, user data, and learning materials to the new system with minimal downtime.

Testing and Validation

Perform rigorous testing to ensure all data is accurately migrated and the new LMS functions as expected.

Minimize Disruption

Our streamlined migration process is designed to minimize disruption to your daily operations. 


Our Expert Curated Migration Solutions

Choose the Right Solution for Your Needs

Complete Migration

Experience a comprehensive transition to a new LMS with our Complete Migration service. We manage the entire process, from transferring all your data and content to configuring and customizing the new system to meet your specific needs. This option ensures a smooth, seamless switch with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Our team of experts will handle every detail, ensuring that your new LMS is fully operational and optimized for performance and usability.

Migrate Only Back End

Opt for our service to Keep the Front End and Migrate the Back End if you prefer to maintain your familiar user interface while upgrading the underlying infrastructure. This solution ensures that your users experience no changes on the front end, preserving the look and feel they are accustomed to. Meanwhile, the back-end upgrade provides improved performance, enhanced security, and greater scalability. This option is ideal for institutions looking to enhance their system's capabilities without disrupting the user experience.

Migrate Only Front End

Choose our service to Keep the Back End and Migrate the Front End if you want to retain your existing back-end system while upgrading to a new, modern front-end interface. This option allows you to enhance the user experience with a fresh, intuitive design, improving navigation and engagement. At the same time, your current back-end processes and data management systems remain intact, ensuring continuity and stability. This solution is perfect for those looking to revitalize the user interface without altering the underlying systems.

Customized Migration

For organizations with unique needs, our Custom Migration service offers a tailored approach to LMS migration. We collaborate closely with your team to develop a personalized migration plan that addresses your specific requirements and objectives. Whether you need a hybrid solution or specialized configurations, our experts will ensure a seamless transition that aligns perfectly with your goals. With Custom Migration, you get a flexible, bespoke service designed to meet the exact demands of your institution.

Why Choose CourseCreek for LMS Migration?

Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in LMS migration, our skilled team has successfully handled numerous migrations, ensuring a smooth and efficient process tailored to your specific needs.

Data Security and Integrity

We prioritize the security and accuracy of your data throughout the migration process, implementing robust measures to protect sensitive information and maintain data integrity.

Agile Methodology

We use agile principles to stay flexible and responsive to your needs, making adjustments quickly to address any issues that arise during the migration process.

Seamless Transition

Our proven migration framework minimizes downtime and disruption, ensuring a seamless transition to your new LMS without affecting your daily operations.


CourseCreek LMS Migration Experts Will:

Migrate Course Content

We will transfer ALL your content, including videos, assessments, texts, SCORM files, and certificates, to your new LMS.

Migrate Course Data

We will migrate ALL your data, including imagery, file downloads, customer records, and more, to your new LMS.

Migrate User Data

We will migrate ALL existing user data and provide users access to the courses they are already enrolled in.

Migrate Service Offerings

We will migrate ALL existing product and service offerings, including bundles, subscriptions, and products.

Migrate Course Settings

We will ensure that ALL settings of your existing courses, such as course titles, course pricing, access types, and tags, are migrated seamlessly.

Grant Access To Users

Once all the steps are completed, we will grant all your existing users access to your new Learning Management System.

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