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Robert Lunte - courseCREEK Consulting


CEO | Partnerships | Presentation Coach

Robert Lunte is a distinguished international educator with over 20 years of experience in the eLearning industry. He has earned a reputation for creating online courses that simplify complex and abstract ideas into easily understandable instruction. With nine self-paced courses and two live training cohort programs in his portfolio, Robert's methods have helped over 100,000 students in 179 countries worldwide advance their understanding and transform their lives.

Robert is the founder of courseCREEK. He serves as the agency strategist for growth, developing strategic partnerships, and maintaining high delivery standards by ensuring courseCREEK works with the industry's best talent and technology solutions. Robert will project manage a comprehensive needs analysis and then build the best team to meet your needs by aligning those needs with the talent in our agency. Robert pursues operational efficiency to ensure that the agency and its clients have an engagement experience that is efficient and results-oriented.

His expertise includes operations, team management, account management, business development, instructional design, on-camera coaching, and executive presentation training. 

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting

Chris Sharp

President of Marketing

As the Chief Marketing Advisor at courseCREEK, Chris brings expertise and experience to the role. Chris founded SharpNet Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency that delivers courseCREEK clients' marketing needs.

SharpNet services over 800 websites annually and is identified by Google Ads as a top 3% performer globally based on service excellence and managed budget volume. They have won awards and accolades for SEO, PPC, product innovation, and company growth.

Our marketing team is able to solve problems and is often called upon to provide guidance and support when the team encounters challenges. Each courseCREEK client receives account management, regular reporting, and hands-on support.

Chris and his team are responsible for advising each courseCREEK client on the best marketing services to ensure alignment with courseCREEK clients' business models and needs.

At courseCREEK, our marketing partnership with Chris and his team is backed by extensive research and a commitment to finding the most exceptional marketing expertise available in the industry. By choosing courseCREEK, you are investing in the best marketing team the industry can offer. It doesn't get better than this.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Operations Manager & Quality Control

In addition to her roles as Quality Control Manager and Bookkeeper, Pandora also plays a crucial role in the agency's overall operations. With her extensive experience managing various agency projects, she has developed a deep understanding of how the agency functions and uses this knowledge to ensure our operations run smoothly.

Pandora oversees the agency's day-to-day activities, ensuring that all departments work together seamlessly to achieve our goals. She manages our resources, including staff, equipment, and supplies, to ensure we operate efficiently.

Pandora is also responsible for maintaining positive relationships with our vendors and partners, negotiating contracts, and ensuring all parties meet their obligations. She is an expert in project management, able to juggle multiple projects simultaneously while keeping everyone on track and budget.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Operations & Web Development

As a key member of the courseCREEK team, Margie brings strong leadership to her role as the head of the web development service. With her keen eye for detail and passion for providing high-quality service, Margie has ensured that courseCREEK's web development services meet the highest standards.

Margie works closely with the internal team to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget while still delivering the level of performance that courseCREEK is known for. Margie's attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures that every project meets the highest standards, exceeding clients' expectations and driving results.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Senior Account Manager &

Senior Instructional Design

Vince is a vital part of courseCREEK's management team and is responsible for setting the gold standard for account management within our agency. With over 15 years of experience in Training & Development, Instructional Design, and Project Management, Vince brings a wealth of expertise.

Vince is an experienced Sr. Instructional Designer who specializes in designing eLearning projects that are engaging and impactful. He has a wealth of experience in curriculum design, creating storyboards for self-paced courses and live cohorts, and is a certified and licensed designer for Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Synthesia AI avatars, and Text to Voice-over software.

Vince's A.D.D.I.E certification ensures that his instructional design methodology follows a systematic approach to analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation, resulting in high-quality learning experiences for our clients. Vince is committed to delivering eLearning courses that exceed client expectations and does that every day. 

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting

Dedrie Olenick 

Senior Account Manager 

& SEO Specialist

Dedrie is an experienced SEO expert and the senior account manager responsible for courseCREEK's marketing service. With her deep understanding of digital marketing and passion for helping businesses succeed, Dedrie can quickly asses any marketing situation and provide insight and strategy immediately.

As courseCREEK's account manager, Dedrie is the critical link to a path of success between courseCREEK and its full marketing service. She also is instrumental in the organization and delivery of courseCREEK's client's data, status reports, and deliverables.

Dedrie's background in the military has given her a unique perspective on leadership and teamwork, which she applies to her role as an account manager. She works closely with the courseCREEK team to ensure that every client receives the highest level of service. Reliability and dependability are characteristic of Dedrie's work.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Senior Implementation Manager

Shibangsh is a world-class implementation manager with years of experience partnering with successful six-figure online infopreneurs. Shibangsh has developed a keen understanding of what it takes to create, build, launch, and automate a thriving coaching business from the ground up.

Shibangsh's unique blend of technical expertise across multiple modern Learning Management Systems, such as LearnWorlds, Kajabi, Docebo, Thrivecart, and more, coupled with his extensive knowledge of automation and marketing funnels, allows him to create ready-to-sell automated and scalable systems for infopreneurs, from scratch.

Shibangsh is an expert practitioner of the GrowthWorks campaign builder and client journey program, which ensures every touch point in the customer journey remains aligned on messaging, brand, and outcome.

Shibangsh's unwavering dedication to remaining extraordinarily organized, forming reliable delivery expectations, and delivering exactly what he said he would deliver is a hallmark of working with Shibangsh.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Senior Implementation Manager

& Senior Design Specialist

Sr. Implementation Manager Kevin is a highly experienced web developer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Kevin was building websites and conversion funnels before Google was even a company. Kevin has a proven track record of working on small and large projects with clients, including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Travelocity, Citibank, and Redbook.

Kevin deeply understands web technologies and is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Javascript. He also has a keen eye for design and is skilled in using WordPress and the top LMS platforms such as LearnWorlds, Kajabi, and LearnDash. to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

He is skilled in utilizing various marketing automation tools to streamline the process and increase efficiency while always keeping the client's primary goal, conversions, in mind.

Lastly, Kevin is a native of New York City. Like most New Yorkers, Kevin constantly pushes to achieve more and make the most of every moment. Clients love how he never stops, never gives up, and never lets anything slow him down.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Senior Implementation Manager

James is a highly experienced Senior Implementation Manager at courseCREEK, with a background that spans multiple industries. His extensive experience has made him an expert at implementing websites on various platforms, including WordPress, LearnDash, LearnWorlds, Kajabi, and Docebo, and building funnels that convert.

Through his network, James leads a talented team of designers and developers passionate about creating stunning, high-quality websites that help businesses stand out in the digital landscape. He has access to a talent pool and resources that benefit courseCREEK as an existing team leader.

 Overall, James's web design expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results have made him an invaluable asset to the courseCREEK team. So if James builds it, rest assured that they will come, and you'll love what he and his team can help you create.

Auret Esselen - courseCREEK Consulting


Implementation Manager

& Copywriting

Auret is a branding, design, and copy specialist who creates impactful first impressions with high persuasion on websites. She has honed her skills as a practitioner of the StoryBrand copy framework and is an expert in GrowthWorks campaign planning, product road mapping, and design studio software. With her expertise, Auret ensures that every touchpoint in the customer journey, including funnels, adheres to persuasive messaging and consistent branding, resulting in higher conversions.

Additionally, Auret serves as an Implementation Manager and has gained extensive experience in web development through her work with learning management systems. She has an impressive track record of implementing entire tech stacks on some of the world's most renowned LMS systems, such as LearnWorlds and Kajabi. Auret is also an excellent go-to for ongoing website maintenance and fix-it work.

Brett Barclay - courseCREEK Consulting


Senior Instructional Design

Matthew is a world-class instructional designer with extensive experience with large enterprise design projects. He is a licensed practitioner of articulate storyline and articulate rise. When Matthew designs a curriculum, he focuses on achieving bottom-line results for learners.

With nearly two decades of experience, he has a rich background that includes leading online education for a Fortune 50 company, collaborating with university researchers to develop cutting-edge learning and performance technology, and consulting with institutions and companies of all sizes. Matthew Tang is a ninja of best practices and exceptional quality.

Matthew is a veteran of leading complex technology projects across academic and corporate enterprises and has a talent for translating executive vision into strategies that drive business and learning performance. Matthew holds a B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and brings a unique perspective that blends technology, education, and business to the courseCREEK team.

Joshua Brown - courseCREEK Consulting


Senior Instructional Design

Josh Brown, M.S. Ed., brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in course creation and delivery. With over a decade of experience as a technology education teacher, subject matter expert, and published curriculum consultant, Josh profoundly understands how to develop compelling learning experiences. He earned his Masters of Education in Career and Technical Education from Virginia Tech and completed doctoral-level work.

Since entering the online space, Josh has been on a mission to help entrepreneurs produce highly profitable coaching and course content that delivers accurate results for their clients. With Josh as your guide, you can expect to receive expert guidance and support in crafting course content quickly and with maximum impact. Josh's unique skill set merges the design world with marketing funnels and implementation, giving him a unique, added perspective on strategy. 

Ian Stewart - courseCREEK Consulting


Video Production

Tyler Hendricks is the founder and creative force behind Dark to Light Productions, a team of skilled professionals dedicated to creating epic, eye-catching media content for businesses that want to grow and uniquely market their brands. With years of experience creating successful digital marketing content, Tyler is a master of video production, motion graphics, production management, and client management.

Tyler believes everyone has a story to tell, and his mission is to help bring those stories to light. He knows the most powerful way to do that is through visual mediums. This is why Dark to Light is the perfect partner for courseCREEK to serve our clients.

Tyler and his team dig deep to listen for the story that needs to be told, getting to know the business intimately and talking to those whose lives have been changed. Once the heart of the story is discovered, the team begins the pre-production process, working closely with clients to develop the story that will be told and deciding on the main plot points that express the story's purpose.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Video & Media Editing

Viral's passion for creating unique and memorable videos began during childhood, and has now become his lifelong pursuit. As a skilled video editor with over seven years of experience, Viral excels at figuring out the best way to fit all the pieces together to create high-quality content. He is proficient in using various editing tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion.

Vidal's extensive experience in video content ranges from instructional demonstrations, advertisements, promos/social ads, product launches, sports reels, music videos, event recaps, interviews/testimonials, course videos, and more. Viral's expertise and dedication will help you create a stunning video that meets your needs and goals.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting

Gillian Herle

Director of Social Media

Gillian is the social media manager for courseCREEK's social media service. As the department manager, Gillian can quickly assess precisely how social media should be utilized under any situation or business model. Her experience is obvious as she instantly assesses any situation. She understands the importance of social media in today's digital landscape and is committed to helping businesses leverage this powerful tool to increase their visibility and drive engagement. 

Her experience running her own business has given her a unique perspective on what it takes to rise above the competition and ensure your business is seen across multiple platforms. She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing, ensuring that her team consistently delivers the highest level of service to clients.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Guardian of Client Satisfaction

Hero looks after courseCREEK clients to ensure a successful outcome. When he sets his sights on any challenge, he goes after it, especially courseCREEK client satisfaction.

In this picture, we witness the moment Hero identified a client issue that must be resolved!

In Hero's free time, he enjoys Tuna Fridays, cat TV, making biscuits, lying by the fire, and mercilessly hunting mice, birds, and rabbits in the hills of Sun Valley, Idaho.