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Robert Lunte - courseCREEK Consulting


CEO | CRO | eLearning Advisor

Robert Lunte is a distinguished international educator with over 20 years of experience in the eLearning industry. He has earned a reputation for creating online courses that simplify complex and abstract ideas into easily understandable instruction. With nine self-paced courses and two live training cohort programs in his portfolio, Robert's methods have helped over 100,000 students in 179 countries worldwide advance their understanding and transform their lives.

Robert is the founder of courseCREEK. He is the chief strategist for agency growth at courseCREEK, cultivating strategic partnerships and overseeing delivery standards. He leads the agency's strategy toward attracting premier talent from the learning and development (L&D) and online education industry. Robert is crucial in shaping a culture that ensures projects are driven to completion, adhering to the highest standards. He strives for operational efficiency within the agency, balancing high standards with a commitment to a hands-on, boutique service experience for clients.

His expertise includes business development, team management, account management, instructional design, on-camera coaching, and executive presentation training. 

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


President of Marketing

As the Chief Marketing Advisor at courseCREEK, Chris brings expertise and experience to the role. Chris founded SharpNet Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency that delivers courseCREEK clients' marketing needs.

SharpNet services over 800 websites annually and is identified by Google Ads as a top 3% performer globally based on service excellence and managed budget volume. They have won awards and accolades for SEO, PPC, product innovation, and company growth.

Our marketing team can solve problems and is often called upon to provide guidance and support when facing challenges. Each courseCREEK client receives account management, regular reporting, and hands-on support.

At courseCREEK, our marketing partnership with Chris and his team is backed by extensive research and a commitment to finding the most exceptional marketing expertise available in the industry. By choosing courseCREEK, you are investing in the industry's best marketing team. It doesn't get better than this.

Brett Barclay - courseCREEK Consulting


Director of Design & Development

As the Director of Design and Development at courseCREEK, Matthew oversees all instructional design deliveries for the agency. This responsibility includes managing a team of five top-tier delivery partners from the learning and development industry.

Matthew is a premier instructional designer who boasts vast experience with large-scale enterprise design ventures. He is a licensed user of both Articulate Storyline and Articulate Rise. His nearly twenty-year journey in the domain has seen him taking the helm of online education at a Fortune 50 company, partnering with university researchers to pioneer advanced learning and performance technologies and offering consultancy to myriad institutions and corporations. Matthew is a student of A.D.D.I.E methodology and is a leader in the emerging field of AI-Driven design technologies.

Not just confined to design, Matthew has showcased his prowess in spearheading intricate technology projects across both academic and corporate landscapes. His knack for converting executive visions into actionable strategies that bolster business and learning outcomes sets him apart. He holds an A B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University. courseCREEK clients benefit immensely from Matthew's twenty years of experience in the L&D industry.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Director of Implementation

As the Director of Implementation at courseCREEK, Shibangsh Chowdhury oversees a team of five implementation managers and all LMS and CMS development. His innovative mindset is crucial in evolving SOPs and refining the company's approach to development, automation, and client-centric account management for developers. Under his guidance, courseCREEK has experienced remarkable growth, serving over 100 clients in four years.

With a specialization in complex customer content and data LMS migrations, Shibangsh is the go-to for the most advanced development projects. His dedication to clients is evident in his meticulous approach that safeguards all essential elements during migrations.

Shibanghs has been influential in designing marketing funnels and automated funnels at courseCREEK. Familiar with modern Learning Management Systems like LearnWorlds, Kajabi, Docebo, and more, Shibangsh crafts systems tailored for infopreneurs, emphasizing client-focused solutions.

Shibangsh's reputation for organization and reliable delivery has instilled trust among clients and the courseCREEK team, resulting in a perfect score of success.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Director of Marketing

John Seaberry has been a pioneering force in digital marketing for over 25 years. With a career spanning the entire evolution of web marketing and a passion for staying ahead of the curve, John has continually elevated brands through his mastery of all aspects of digital marketing. John has developed comprehensive approaches seamlessly integrating SEO, content, social media, and Google ads to craft impactful brand narratives and data-driven strategies that resonate with audiences, drive organic traffic, heighten visibility, and fill the sales funnel.

John's unwavering commitment to being at the forefront of industry trends sets him apart. He embodies adaptability, consistently leading the way in a landscape of constant change. His thought leadership and contributions underline his status as a trusted guide in the ever-evolving digital marketing world. John combines expertise and innovation to define your brand's digital journey and seize the full potential of your marketing investment.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Director of Copywriting

StoryBrand Brandscripting is Kris's copywriting expertise. Storybrand is a world-famous narrative framework rooted in storytelling. Through storybrand sessions, Kris crafts compelling "brand scripts" that meticulously address our client's customers' pain points and desires. Drawing from their extensive marketing background and proficiency in the principles of storytelling, Kris adeptly constructs irresistible offers centered around a core message.

In their role as the product launch specialist at courseCREEK, Kris brings a wealth of experience, combining agency know-how, intuitive marketing insights, unwavering dedication, and a knack for problem-solving. As a former agency founder and serial entrepreneur, Kris intimately understands the keys to capturing an audience's attention and effectively communicating with them to inspire action. Driven by a passion for efficient systems, Kris spearheaded the development of courseCREEK's signature product launch service. This service is designed to guide clients through a proven approach, providing invaluable marketing insights, strategic direction, and streamlined, scalable execution to successfully bring their courses to market.


Jeff Cobb - courseCREEK Consulting


AI Strategy Advisor

Justin is an experienced entrepreneur and AI specialist with a proven track record of harnessing diverse experiences to drive business innovation. As the courseCREEK's AI Strategy Consultant, Justin is our main point of contact for getting the most out of AI-Driven tools for instructional design, development, and modern learning management systems. 

Justin's journey began in the Marine Corps, where he mastered precision, leadership, and quality assurance, laying a solid foundation for his future ventures. After completing his military tenure, Justin pursued his passion for aviation and became a professional drone and certified helicopter pilot. But his keen analytical aptitude and knack for trend identification led him to build a thriving e-commerce agency. With its rapid success and robust strategies, this Amazon-focused venture led to an acquisition by a leading corporation. Post-acquisition, it catered to over 150 brands and managed sales above $100 million.

Justin has since pivoted his focus to Generative AI. He is championing its role in personal and professional development. Today, Justin collaborates with businesses, guiding them on their AI journey and ensuring they leverage the technology properly.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Director of Consulting

Wassim, our seasoned Full Stack Developer and visionary is renowned for his extraordinary capacity to transform theoretical concepts into substantial, cutting-edge technology solutions.

Wassim plays an integral role within courseCREEK concerning content and data migration projects, which are critical to our migration services. Wassim plays a significant part in assisting clients with migrating their course client data to modern systems such as LearnWorlds and Docebo. Further enhancing his skill set, Wassim excels in custom backend development, creating tailored APIs and similar solutions seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructures.

Wassim has a profound UI/UX design knowledge, particularly refined within learning management systems. For this reason, Wassim often rolls up his sleeves to implement and build courseCREEK clients’ learning management systems.

By leveraging his comprehensive technical understanding, Wassim can handle any assignment. From complex migrations and backend development of automated funnels and email sequence systems, he can, essentially, do anything.


Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Sr. Operations Manager

In addition to her roles as Quality Control Manager and Bookkeeper, Pandora also plays a crucial role in the agency's overall operations. With her extensive experience managing various agency projects, she has developed a deep understanding of how the agency functions and uses this knowledge to ensure our operations run smoothly.

Pandora oversees the agency's day-to-day activities, ensuring that all departments work together seamlessly to achieve our goals. She manages our resources, including staff, equipment, and supplies, to ensure we operate efficiently.

Pandora is also responsible for maintaining positive relationships with our vendors and partners, negotiating contracts, and ensuring all parties meet their obligations. She is an expert in project management, able to juggle multiple projects simultaneously while keeping everyone on track and budget.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Operations Manager

Maureen Gordon is an Account Manager for courseCREEK, diligently managing our marketing clients' accounts. She also plays a pivotal role in our LinkedIn Outreach, lead generation service by supporting our lead generation clients with onboarding and training in the LinkedIn program.

With a background as an Operations Manager spanning over three years, Maureen brings valuable expertise in managing Outsource Partner relationships to her role. She's proficient in capacity & forecast planning and excels in real-time management as well as handling back-office cases.

Before her journey at courseCREEK, Maureen was a Team Lead at a SaaS company for more than two years, where she successfully assisted contractors in achieving compliance with safety standards and ensuring seamless client collaboration.

Today, Maureen leverages her versatile experience and skills to build and maintain strong client relationships, contributing significantly to the growth and success of courseCREEK. Her expert knowledge and dedication make her an indispensable asset to our team.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


CMS Implementation Manager

Jose Aguirre is a seasoned WordPress developer from the Lone Star State with a wealth of experience. With a strong foundation in web development, he has honed his skills to craft seamless digital solutions. His background as a systems engineer adds depth to his expertise.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, Jose seamlessly navigates diverse linguistic landscapes. His proficiency in WordPress is evident through years of dedicated work, where he has optimized user experiences and driven impressive results.

Beyond the world of coding, Jose enjoys performing as a singer/guitarist, showcasing his creative flair in multiple dimensions. With his diverse skill set and drive for excellence, Jose will help you get results!

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


CMS Implementation & Design

Sr. Implementation Manager Kevin is a highly experienced web developer with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Kevin was building websites and conversion funnels before Google was even a company. Kevin has a proven track record of working on small and large projects with clients, including Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Travelocity, Citibank, and Redbook.

Kevin deeply understands web technologies and is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, and Javascript. He also has a keen eye for design and is skilled in using WordPress and the top LMS platforms such as LearnWorlds, Kajabi, and LearnDash. to create visually appealing and user-friendly websites.

He is skilled in utilizing various marketing automation tools to streamline the process and increase efficiency while always keeping the client's primary goal, conversions, in mind.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Sr. Design and Development Manager

Sweta, an adept instructional designer with flawless English proficiency, channels her passion into creating engaging and productive e-learning courses. An ADDIE certification fortifies her foundation in instructional design and mastery of tools like Articulate Storyline and Rise, allowing her to craft interactive, insightful learning experiences.

Holding a Master's degree in English Literature, Sweta's ability to weave compelling narratives and scenarios within e-learning modules is unparalleled. This educational background shapes her design approach and amplifies her natural fluency in English.

Sweta has worked synergistically with clients and subject matter experts across diverse sectors. She will pinpoint training requirements and translate them into dynamic curriculums and modules that resonate with learners. Always aligning with the instructor's goals and learning outcomes, she forms connections between educator and learners, creating relevance and tangible takeaways after each lesson.

As a professional, Sweta constantly explores fresh avenues to augment learner retention, application, and assessment through avant-garde design techniques and multimedia fusion. This pursuit of excellence and the satisfaction from aiding educators and clients makes Sweta a favorite of clients to work with. Everyone loves to work with Sweta!

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Sr. Design and Development Manager

Vince is an indispensable pillar in courseCREEK's leadership and has been with the agency since its earliest beginnings. With over 15 years of experience in Training & Development, Instructional Design, and Project Management, Vince is a veteran of all things courseCREEK.

Vince's prowess extends to comprehensive storyboard development and content mapping. He has designed self-paced courses, live cohorts, and blended programs from countless industries. He holds Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Synthesia AI avatars, and Text to Voice-over software certifications.

One claim to fame Vince owns is he pioneered distinctive design procedures that have revolutionized how courseCREEK's clients tap into developmental technologies, particularly for the executive coaching and solopreneur industry. Such innovations have leveled the playing field by allowing these clients to take advantage of high-end design resources once the exclusive domain of corporate L&D departments. One of courseCREEK's innovations is figuring out how to design articulate storyline and articulate rise into courses for clients that traditionally could not afford such design luxuries.

With his A.D.D.I.E certification, Vince guarantees that his instructional design approach is rooted in a systematic analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation framework. This ensures that every learning experience curated under his guidance is of the utmost quality. Vince's unwavering dedication to surpassing client anticipations shines through in every project, positioning him as a beacon of excellence for courseCREEK clients.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Design & Development Manager

Team DLS

With over 14 years of experience as the Owner and Creative Director of The Digital Learning Studio, Dan is passionate about creating engaging and effective training solutions for various industries and audiences. His team specializes in eLearning design and development, using multiple tools and techniques, such as Articulate 360 Storyline and Rise, Adobe Creative Cloud, custom graphics, animated videos, advanced interactions, scenarios, micro-learning, and game-based training. Team DLS received a Best Practices Award for their eLearning program development and has made it a practice to offer free prototypes to new clients.


Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Design & Development Manager

Team TSG

Dana is the Founder and CEO of The Sleeper Group. She is a Certified Diversity Professional (CDP), Certified Diversity Executive (CDE), and Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator. The Institute for Diversity Certification’s CDP® credential is the gold standard in the D&I profession. Dana works with non-profits, small businesses, and multi-national clients to conduct cultural assessments, improve hiring practices, provide diversity training, implement supplier diversity tracking, develop an eLearning curriculum, and more.


Dave Place - courseCREEK Consulting


CMS Implementation & Design 

Dave Place is a seasoned entrepreneur and business consultant with a knack for bringing ideas to life. With extensive experience across all CMS platforms, including deep expertise on the Wix platform and a touch of LearnWorlds, Dave stands out as a leader in the world of web design. His company, Let's Design Your Site, is celebrated as one of the global frontrunners in Wix-based designs.

Over the years, Dave has not just been committed to creating stunning websites but also coaching vital aspects like customer service, business strategy, and effective communication. He believes in a comprehensive approach to web design, ensuring that aesthetics, functionality, user experience, and SEO marketing align perfectly for every project.

Dave often shares a personal philosophy of design, "Creating a website should be as rewarding and memorable as the final masterpiece itself".

Jeff Cobb - courseCREEK Consulting


Corporate L&D Advisor

Jeff Cobb is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the online education business. After serving as senior vice president of business development for Quisic, the e-learning partner of choice for the top 25 business schools, Jeff successfully launched, grew, and sold his learning management system and online course business, Isoph. He then co-founded Tagoras, the parent company of Learning Revolution, where he helps organizations and companies maximize the reach, revenue, and impact of their learning businesses.

Jeff is the author of multiple books, including Leading the Learning Revolution: The Expert's Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market, and speaks and writes regularly on the connection between learning, innovation, and transformation for both businesses and individuals. His website,, helps entrepreneurs reach an audience, deliver compelling, practical learning experiences, and grow a thriving, impactful learning business.

Ian Stewart - courseCREEK Consulting


Video Production

Tyler Hendricks is the founder and creative force behind Dark to Light Productions, a team of skilled professionals dedicated to creating epic, eye-catching media content for businesses that want to grow and uniquely market their brands. With years of experience creating successful digital marketing content, Tyler is a master of video production, motion graphics, production management, and client management.

Tyler believes everyone has a story to tell, and his mission is to help bring those stories to light. He knows the most powerful way to do that is through visual mediums. This is why Dark to Light is the perfect partner for courseCREEK to serve our clients.

Tyler and his team dig deep to listen for the story that needs to be told, getting to know the business intimately and talking to those whose lives have been changed. Once the heart of the story is discovered, the team begins the pre-production process, working closely with clients to develop the story that will be told and deciding on the main plot points that express the story's purpose.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Video & Media Editing

Viral's passion for creating unique and memorable videos began during childhood and is now his lifelong pursuit. As a skilled video editor with over seven years of experience, Viral excels at figuring out the best way to fit all the pieces together to create high-quality content. He is proficient in various editing tools, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion.

Vidal's extensive experience in video content ranges from instructional demonstrations, advertisements, promos/social ads, product launches, sports reels, music videos, event recaps, interviews/testimonials, course videos, and more. Viral's expertise and dedication will help you create a stunning video that meets your needs and goals.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Director of Social Media

Gillian is the social media manager for courseCREEK's social media service. As the department manager, Gillian can quickly assess precisely how social media should be utilized under any situation or business model. Her experience is obvious as she instantly assesses any situation. She understands the importance of social media in today's digital landscape and is committed to helping businesses leverage this powerful tool to increase their visibility and drive engagement. 

Her experience running her own business has given her a unique perspective on what it takes to rise above the competition and ensure your business is seen across multiple platforms. She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing, ensuring that her team consistently delivers the highest level of service to clients.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Guardian of Client Satisfaction

Hero looks after courseCREEK clients to ensure a successful outcome. When he sets his sights on any challenge, he goes after it, especially courseCREEK client satisfaction.

In this picture, we witness the moment Hero identified a client issue that must be resolved!

In Hero's free time, he enjoys Tuna Fridays, cat TV, making biscuits, lying by the fire, and mercilessly hunting mice, birds, and rabbits in the hills of Sun Valley, Idaho.