Meet our team of eLearning consultants

If you need help creating a course, implementing it onto a platform, marketing it, and generating sales, our team can help.

online course consultants
Robert Lunte - courseCREEK Consulting


 Owner I Team Lead I Coach

Robert is a renowned international educator with 20+ years of experience in the eLearning industry. He is recognized for creating online courses that can turn complex and abstract ideas into easily understood learning methodologies. With nearly 20 courses in his portfolio and growing, Robert's courses have helped advance the learning of over 100,000 students in 179 countries around the world.

Clients will enjoy the benefits of a consultative process that will take them on a journey through every step of the online course creation, production, and marketing process. Robert is the quarterback of the courseCREEK specialist team. He will be your first point of contact. As such Robert will conduct a needs analysis and then share your needs and story with the team who then makes preparations for our team call with you. Robert will also take special care to build your account team, which stays with you throughout the entire 4 phase process. Robert’s wheelhouse is team management, project management, instructional design, and on-camera coaching.

Jeff Cobb - courseCREEK Consulting


e-Learning Advisor 

Jeff Cobb is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience in the online education business. After serving as senior vice president of business development for Quisic, the e-learning partner of choice for the top 25 business schools, Jeff successfully launched, grew, and sold his own learning management system and online course business, Isoph. He then went on to co-found Tagoras, the parent company of Learning Revolution, where he helps organizations and companies maximize the reach, revenue, and impact of their learning businesses.

Jeff is the author of multiple books, including Leading the Learning Revolution: The Expert's Guide to Capitalizing on the Exploding Lifelong Education Market, and speaks and writes regularly on the connection between learning, innovation, and transformation for both businesses and individuals. His website,, helps entrepreneurs reach an audience, deliver compelling, effective learning experiences, and grow a thriving, impactful learning business.

Joshua Brown - courseCREEK Consulting


Head Implementation Manager

Ian opened his first business at 24, franchised the concept, and sold it in 2017. He has since opened 2 digital marketing agencies and e-commerce businesses, following his passion for helping businesses grow and get their exposure.

Ian focuses on results and has worked with nearly seven hundred businesses, in various capacities, with his ultimate passion for helping other business owners enjoy a profitable business and find the true path of their vision and goals. Ian specializes in building marketing funnels, conversion copy, branding, learning management systems, SEO, paid search, and SMM, among other core growth-focused digital marketing strategies and solutions.

Auret Esselen - courseCREEK Consulting


Sr. Implementation Manager

Auret's primary role is, simply put, to ensure you make a killer first impression when someone lands on your website and to keep them engaged so you can sell more courses. Through StoryBrand scripting techniques and a meticulous lens, she'll work with you to ensure you have a solid brand identity and strategy that clearly communicates who you are, what you offer and how your brand plays a role in your customer's transformation.  

Auret brings over a decade of well-rounded experience in digital marketing design and the e-learning space serving thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses & major influencers from all industries with her design and consulting services. She geeks out over content design on a daily basis and has taught content marketing strategies to over 70,000 students through her own online business academy and millions more on her YouTube channel. 

Brett Barclay - courseCREEK Consulting


Instructional Design

(Articulate 360 & Animation Specialist)

Matthew specializes in delivering innovative learning solutions with an intense focus on bottom-line results. In nearly twenty years of experience, Matthew taught 6th-grade students in public schools, led all online education for a Fortune 50 company, partnered with university researchers to develop amazing new learning and performance technology, and consulted with institutions and companies of all sizes to provide expert solutions that help students and employees. Matthew has a passion to help people reach their academic or business goals and is motivated to continually improve how we design and deliver the best eLearning solutions.

Matthew is a veteran of leading complex technology projects across academic and corporate enterprises. He has worked across multiple industries where he translated executive vision into strategies that drive business and learning performance. Matthew holds a B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina State University.

Joshua Brown - courseCREEK Consulting


Instructional Design

Josh Brown M.S. Ed. is a course creation and delivery expert. His experience is rooted in over a decade as a technology education teacher, subject matter expert, and published curriculum consultant. He holds a Masters of Education from Virginia Tech in Career and Technical Education as well as doctoral-level work.

Upon entering the online space he made it his mission to empower entrepreneurs with the ability not only to produce highly profitable coaching and course content but also to get results for their clients. ‚Äč 

When you work with Josh, you will be guided using over a decade of education experience to craft course content quickly and with impact. 

Ian Stewart - courseCREEK Consulting


On-Location Video Production

Ian Stewart is the Founder, Strategy Director, and StoryBrand Certified Guide at Root Source Digital in Loveland Colorado, and as a videographer, Ian delivers our VIP clients world-class, on-location video production to produce our highest level of video production if clients are not interested in DIY video.

Ian is also a copywriter specialist for courseCREEK Consulting. Ian has over a decade of experience helping organizations of all sizes and industries create clarity in their messaging and produce content of all kinds.

Tyler Connaghan - courseCREEK Consulting


Udemy Marketing Specialist & Copywriting

Tyler Connaghan has a very diverse background in music, writing, and content development. He has worked in the freelance sphere for almost a decade as a multi-faceted blog/article copywriter and website content developer. He specializes in email marketing, product descriptions, SEO-based website content, and white papers, helping business owners to monetize their online content, courses, and much more. When clients work with Tyler, they are given a primary audit of their current content and copy. He will then provide clients with the necessary, deep-dive analysis of the top SEO terms based on the industry and the number of articles per cycle based on the client’s budget and needs.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


Video Editing & Motion Graphics

Figuring the best way to fit all the pieces together is what Viral does best. Creating unique and memorable videos is what inspires him in life. What began as a childhood fascination has grown into a lifelong passion that drives his personal and professional goals.

Viral has over seven years of experience in video editing. He edited hundreds of projects of all kinds with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, and Apple Motion. He also has extensive experience working with a wide range of digital video content, including advertisements, instructional demonstrations, promos/social ads, product launches, sports reels, music videos, event recaps, interviews/testimonials, course videos, and more.

In courseCREEK, Viral will be your partner in your video editing needs. Your course videos will be in the hands of a professional editor. He will provide his expert feedback and recommendations on how your videos will stand out and be more appealing to your audience.

Mark Villaloboz - courseCREEK Consulting


YouTube Strategy & Monetization

Lauren’s YouTube consultations for courseCREEK clients ensure that when your online course and marketing funnels are ready to go, you will have the benefit of a hyper growth YouTube channel to augment your traffic driving strategies.

In 2021, Lauren was awarded YouTube's Silver Plaque for crossing 100,000 subscribers. This explosive success came after finally learning and implementing the things YouTube wants. While she earns thousands of dollars a month off of YouTube Ad monetization, it doesn't compare to the multiple 6-figures she earns selling courses through YouTube's organic leads funnel.

When you engage with Lauren, you will be given a course that helps you crack the YouTube code. You won't have to wonder if the videos you are uploading are helping or hurting your channel. You will gain clarity on your channel's audience and the content you should be uploading for them to skyrocket your results. Not only that, you will learn what you NEED to know about content research and Search Engine Optimization so that YouTube shows your videos to more people are looking for the answers to their problems in your course.