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The Healthcare eLearning Specialists

We have created training in nurse certification, EHS Services, DIR Certification, medical staff leadership, cardiology & EKG training, lymphatic drainage therapy, dental franchises, clinical integrated networks (CIN), aesthetic dermatology, sex therapy, physical fitness, and more.

CourseCreek's Healthcare Solutions


Medical Content Development

We create engaging and informative eLearning content tailored to healthcare professionals, covering medical procedures, disease management, patient care, and compliance regulations.

Healthcare Compliance Training

We create custom eLearning modules to ensure healthcare professionals stay up-to-date with industry regulations, compliance standards, and ethical guidelines, helping to mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance.

Clinical Simulation Training

CourseCREEK designs interactive clinical simulation scenarios that allow healthcare practitioners to practice skills, decision-making, and critical thinking in a risk-free virtual environment.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

We specialize in building accredited CME courses and programs that support healthcare professionals in maintaining licensure, staying current with medical advancements, and advancing their clinical knowledge and skills.

Patient Education Content

We develop patient-focused eLearning resources and interactive tools to educate individuals on disease prevention, treatment options, medication management, and lifestyle modifications. These resources empower patients to take control of their healthcare.

Telehealth Training & Patient Care

CourseCREEK develops training programs on telehealth practices, virtual patient consultations, remote monitoring technologies, and telemedicine ethics to prepare healthcare providers for delivering virtual care effectively. 


Our expertise has evolved by delivering the following solutions

Healthcare LMS Migration

Experience a smooth Migration to a new LMS designed for healthcare. Our team guarantees precise data transfer and content migrations. Data includes patient data, compliance records, and training materials. Our migration services are tailored to your requirements for a perfect system alignment with your goals.

Healthcare Course Development

We create engaging and instructional eLearning courses tailored for healthcare professionals. Our content covers SCORM technology and AI across medical procedures, disease management, patient care, and compliance regulations.

LMS Opt & On-Demand Support

Optimize your healthcare LMS when we enable all the features and capabilities of your chosen LMS. Our Implementation Managers will tailor your LMS for multitenancy, compliance training, patient care, cohort groups, and staff education. Our on-demand support is our "white-glove" service that assigns a dedicated on-demand director to you 24/7.

CME & Upskilling Courses

Enhance healthcare staff skills with HIPAA-compliant CME & upskilling. Comprehensive courses cover the latest medical practices, tech, & soft skills for top care. Meticulously crafted upskilling meets standards & promotes growth. Invest in staff education for better outcomes, job satisfaction, & healthcare edge.

Why Choose CourseCreek?

Healthcare Industry Expertise

Our Expert team has developed training courses for nurse certification, EHS Services, DIR Certification, medical staff leadership, Cardiology & EKG Nurse Training, lymphatic drainage therapy, dental franchises, Clinical Integrated Networks (CIN), aesthetic dermatology, relationship and sex therapy, physical fitness, and other areas.

Total Stack / Full-Service Partner

Your company will never need another education partner. Our four-phased approach covers every aspect of the process, from Consulting and Instructional Design and Development to LMS Implementation and Marketing. Each department is staffed with top experts in their respective fields.

Compliance and Security

CourseCreek prioritizes compliance and data security, ensuring all eLearning solutions adhere to HIPAA guidelines and other regulatory standards. Our robust security measures protect sensitive patient and organizational data, giving you peace of mind.

Bespoke Solutions

We provide custom eLearning solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your healthcare organization. Whether creating healthcare courses, improving your LMS, or developing tailored upskilling programs, our services match your requirements and goals.


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