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How It Works

Meet With Us

During our 30-minute meeting, we will explain all the services available to refer from the CourseCREEK ecosystem, clarify your compensation and your strategy, and discuss a campaign we can build together.

Make a Plan

Next, we'll identify our areas of alignment. CourseCREEK will introduce you to our comprehensive suite of services, encompassing AI solutions, consulting, e-learning design and development, digital marketing, lead generation, CRM, and automated funnel strategies.

 The CourseCREEK Partner Program


CourseCREEK Hub

CRM & Automated Funnels:

CourseCREEK Hub is an all-in-one platform that consolidates your client's software needs. It is designed to help you capture, nurture, and close leads for new business through CRM, lead generation, and automated funnels.
25% to 50% / Monthly



LinkedIn Lead Generation:


Connect clients with ideal customers using our software‚ÄĒFilter LinkedIn profiles for accurate targeting. Integrate new contacts with CRM and Funnel through CourseCREEK Hub. Run multiple campaigns to expand reach simultaneously and expand to different markets.


25% / Monthly
= $300 to $350 MRR


Digital Marketing Services:


We provide expert digital marketing solutions with a dedicated account manager for each client. Our services include SEO, Google ads, Meta advertising, Programmatic Ads, and social media marketing, and we offer monthly referral payments. Case Studies.
5% / Monthly

= $75 to $300


* This referral program requires a partner agreement.

Please book a partner meeting.



eLearning Projects:


Our eLearning services include instructional design, content development, AI-generated content, learning management system development, and implementation for creating online courses and automated funnels. eLearning Testimonials.


10% to 12% Payout


* This referral program requires a partner agreement. 

Please book a partner meeting.



EdTech Partner Programs 

Win With CourseCREEK's Years of Expertise in Executive Sales & Delivery


CourseCREEK excels in empowering agencies and SaaS providers with our highly skilled team.

Our executive sales and business development team generates revenue for EdTech partners seeking delivery partners that can close opportunities we are entrusted to pursue.

Additionally, our vast experience as a trusted delivery partner for many partner programs allows us to extend our talent to support you.

Let's meet to discuss how we can be an extension of your sales and delivery operations.


CourseCREEK Partner Program Meeting

Schedule a Meeting or 001-425-444-5053