On-Demand Support & Maintenance

Flexibility and Increased Value Achieved with the Established Method of To-Do Lists

"ODS" gives you an On-Demand Director and to-do lists for task completion. Ensure that all "ankle biters" are completed.



3 Steps ToĀ Completing Your Tasks

step 1

Choose YourĀ Hours

Select the package that suits your requirements and budget: 4-hour, 6-hour, 10-hour, 15-hour, or 20-hour options. These hours will be available within a 30-day cycle. You are welcome to tailor your hours as needed and can cancel at any time.

step 2

Meet Your ODS Director

You'll meet with your On-Demand Support Director and learn how the ODS program works. Together, you'll outline your primary tasks for completion within 30 days and compile a secondary "wish list" of additional tasks to be completed.


step 3

Watch Your TasksĀ Go Bye-Bye

Your ODS Director will prioritize completing your primary task list. If time remains within your ODS package, your Director will address your secondary task list. At the end of each cycle, you receive a comprehensive report detailing all completed tasks.

Make Your Task List

The Benefits of Our Customizable ODS Service

bespoke engagement

Bespoke Engagement

We customize each part of our on-demand support services to match your needs and goals, ensuring the best results.

expert guidance

Expert Guidance

Utilize CourseCREEK's handpicked, top shelf experts who are there to give you the best advice and guidance whenever you need it.

flexible solutions

Flexible Solutions

We offer packages in blocks of customizable 4, 6, or 10-hour blocks. Great forĀ companies that want to have a quick and easy "go-to" fix-it partner.

adaptable methodology

Adaptable Methodology

Using Agile principles in our consulting means we work flexibly, collaborate closely, and solve problems step-by-step. This creates solutions that can change easily and last a long time.

collaborative partners

Collaborative Partners

By working together as a team, we'll combine our efforts with yours. This ensures we can not only meet your goals but also go beyond them; making sure we all succeed together.

monitoring & optimization

Monitoring & Optimization

We closely watch how your support is going throughout each 30-day cycle, making quick changes if needed to improve performance and match your ongoing business goals.