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Robert Lunte, founder of The Vocalist Studio & courseCREEK is available for presentation training for all client-facing executives and staff in your company.


Training Options

Vocal Athlete Training for Presenters & Executives

Unleash a new level of confidence and persuasion when presenting and speaking to audiences, clients and team members.  Perfect for thought leaders, sales professionals and anyone looking to develop your voice to captivate an audience and clearly get your message across.

After this training, you will be able to...

  • Speak with more authority
  • Present with more vocal amplification and power
  • Practice your performance voice anytime, anywhere
  • Eliminate weakness and fatigue from your voice
  • Out-perform your competitors
  • Control the way your voice sounds and self-diagnose

Master On-Camera Presentations

Learn how to look & sound great every time you are in front of a camera for meetings, social media, or producing course content that sits behind a paywall.  This is for you if you are serious about learning how to look confident and put-together when you are presenting on camera.

After this training, you will be able to...

  • Look polished and professional in front of clients, partners, and coworkers.
  • Produce high-quality on-camera presentations that reflect the quality of your products & services
  • Find 3 to 4 great backgrounds you can use right around you, in your own home
  • Easily set up your gear so you can get right into filming without wasting time
  • Confidently get in front of a camera and frame your shot like a pro
  • Avoid spending money on expensive on-location video shoots

Win The Presentation Game

Your ability to communicate a compelling value proposition and get people to take action is crucial in business. This workshop focuses on leadership development and how to deliver persuasive presentations so that you and your team can perform at world-class levels.

After this training, you will be able to...

  • Design a compelling message that will get your audience to take action
  • Eliminate fear and anxiety to show up to your presentation feeling like a winner
  • Deliver your presentation with a charisma level that inspires even the most challenging audiences
  • Confidently tell a story that compels the listener to take action
  • Present your products and services with conviction and confidence for your buyers.
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Past Transformations

Kaisa Salonpaa

Banking Advisor

Your courses are fantastic - they have so much information! Way more than what other coaches or methods offer. I love all those technical and scientific details, they make so much sense to me. I have been practicing your method for less than a month and my voice feels and sounds amazing!

Ben Hart

WJCL General Manager

Robert’s courses on voice training are legendary and the most comprehensive and effective I've seen. He is quirky as heck (a plus IMO!) but somehow that makes the information stick a little better. The detail of the mechanics and training programming is just like you’d get from an Olympic weightlifting coach but applied to public speaking.

David Dittman

President, Next Level Performance, A Dittman Company

Hi Robert, after only a single week, I received compliments about my improvement. It is one thing if you notice an improvement in yourself. It is another thing when others notice it. I couldn't be happier.

Denise Smith, Ph.D., CNM

FACNM Assistant Professor, Research & Scholarship, College of Nursing

Your program is the only thing giving me any REAL progress. Your program is seriously beyond anything I have ever seen. Nothing has made more sense or had more impact in a very short time! Thank you infinitely!

Lisa Elder

Director, People & Talent

I am very impressed with your approach emphasizing onsets. I think onsets are the "key" I've been searching for to address my specific vocal issues. I'm already noticing a difference. My voice is animated and FEELS SO MUCH BETTER. Your teachings are a gift.

Daniel Andres Roldan, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher Universidad Internacional Valenciana

wow. The information is power and DAMN YOU ARE AT ANOTHER LEVEL, thanks for the power you are bringing to us and to all the people who ever bought your course about this amazing topic. Physical voice training for business, it's so cool and needed. Thanks, Coach

Mattia Capomagi

System Engineer at Airbus Helicopters Deutschland

I couldn't believe how actually effective the workouts are, even for someone with zero voice training experience. My voice has DEFINITELY changed.

Debbi Tutor

VP of Sales Convergent IT

Robert Lunte never disappoints. This is a must-take course with the best curriculum you cannot find anywhere else. Absolute best!

About Robert Lunte

Robert is the founder of courseCREEK Consulting, an eLearning company that helps educators, companies, and anyone with a great idea to learn how to turn their life lessons into online courses.

Robert is also the founder of The Vocalist Studio (TVS), an Internationally recognized voice training school for vocal techniques, public speaking, teacher training, and vocal-related events. Robert is also the author and producer of the critically acclaimed vocal instruction training online course and book, “The Four Pillars of Singing”. The TVS Method is practiced in 175 countries worldwide. Mr. Lunte's book has sold over 10,000 copies, and the numerous online courses are widely recognized as the most comprehensive home study courses ever produced for singers, enjoyed by an estimated 100,000 students worldwide.

Robert Lunte and his sponsors have hosted over 65 vocal masterclasses world-wide for both voice training programs and eLearning events with an emphasis with on-camera and public presentation as well as how to design and build digital courses. He is a Master Trainer with FIRE-UP Training, a sales training company that teaches corporate sales teams and keynote speakers how to present more effectively and runs the FIRE-UP Training, an accent coaching program that helps executives to speak better English.

Robert is also a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, specializing in helping clients achieve scalability and efficiency in their product offerings, operations, and communications.

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