LearnWorlds Review - The Best Off-The-Shelf LMS for B2B

online courses platforms Jun 14, 2020

LearnWorlds offers some of the most unique features for course creators. There is a reason why it is one of the most popular online course platforms on the market. It has certainly earned its “premium” status over the years thanks to the powerful sales engine, third party marketing tools, and extensive analytics.


Plus, LearnWorlds markets to those who are in search of true learning experiences, rather than standard courses.


In this LearnWorlds guide, we will explore some of the top features that the program offers and discuss all of the benefits and disadvantages so that you can see if it is the right online course platform for you.


What Is LearnWorlds?


LearnWorlds is an intuitive white-label solution that allows users to build and sell online courses, educate consumers, or train employees.


There is a wide variety of LearnWorlds users, including small businesses, enterprises, and of course, individual creators.


Here are a few of the top features that the platform offers:

  • A platform for creating and delivering online courses

  • Interactive video and e-book content

  • A vast community with social networking capabilities

  • Powerful page-building tools

  • Plenty of e-commerce tools


LearnWorlds is a plug and play platform that is completely cloud-based, meaning you won’t have to deal with software installation or additional technology.


Course Creation and Delivery


Those who use LearnWorlds mainly use it to create and deliver engaging online courses.


The platform allows users to utilize a variety of content types within courses, including PDFs, videos, audio files, quizzes, ebooks, SCORM files, and much, much more.


One of the best things about LearnWorlds is that you get unlimited video hosting with your paid subscription. LearnWorlds uses Wistia and Vimeo, making it easy to host external videos as well.


Interactive Video is a big part of the LearnWorlds platform, as it allows you to add interactive elements within your videos, as well as edit them with ease.


The Course Builder is incredibly straightforward as well, making it easy to get your courses up and running in no time. Unfortunately, there are some downsides:

  • Not flexible for adding multiple types of content in one lesson

  • Cannot import content from cloud-based drives

  • Course Builder does not support bulk uploading


Beyond the interactive video, another feature that really stands out is the Interactive eBooks feature. You can add annotations to your eBooks or highlight key points throughout the text. Compared to many other learning systems out there, this feature is incredibly unique. Having the ability to incorporate this style of learning into your course is very valuable.


LearnWorlds gives course creators the flexibility to provide assessments or questionnaires however they please. Using the online testing engine, you can embed these forms into your eBooks or videos, or simply make them stand-alone. You can even generate custom digital certificates for your students as they hit certain thresholds!


Having these digital certificates is a unique yet effective way to motivate your students, as they receive a tangible reward for their accomplishments.


Social Learning Tools


LearnWorlds provides a variety of social learning tools that are incredibly functional. You won’t need to deal with third-party plugins or additional software. You and your students can engage in relevant and meaningful discussions about the content in your course, all while building a social community directly on the platform.


Having these social learning tools creates a social atmosphere for students where they can exchange information, share their progress, and give advice to new students. It’s a wonderful way to keep people coming back. Compared to a number of other platforms out there, the social experience on LearnWorlds is much better.


The Networking Hub on LearnWorlds gives students the ability to build a personalized profile so that they can display their courses, activities, achievements, and more. All of this is built around you, the course creator, meaning you essentially become the centerpiece of a meaningful, professional network of learners.


Look and Style


One of the key strategies to branding yourself in an online market that is quite competitive is having a professional platform design.


The theme editor on LearnWorlds makes creating a brand very easy. You can upload logos for your pages, change the appearance and colors, and customize your sections. Plus, you can click the “see what you are changing” feature to have a real-time look at your adjustments as you make them.


Every LearnWorlds theme translates nicely to the mobile atmosphere too, perfect for your demographic that might want to use their phone or tablet during your course.


For those who have more advanced HTML and CSS skills, you’ll be happy to know that LearnWorlds offers customizable code options. This is great for those who have a unique look in mind.



Marketing Options


Marketing is one thing that course creators often put on the backburner. Luckily, LearnWorlds provides course creators with tools for marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and much more.


You can create plans and subscriptions, coupons and promotions, or use third-party integrations that you are already familiar with.


LearnWorlds also delivers full-scale analytics, which allows you to better understand the behavior of your customers, which in turn allows you to maximize your conversions.


Final Verdict


There is no doubt that LearnWorlds is a premium platform. The “premium” badge is reflected in the pricing:

  • Starter Plan - $29 per month ($24 annually)

  • Pro Plan - $99 per month ($79 annually)

  • Learning Center Plan - $299 per month ($249 annually)


What stands out the most about LearnWorlds is the powerful engagement features and course creation tools. The platform utilizes a variety of essential tools for marketing and selling as well.


On the downside, the course-building process is not as intuitive as a few other platforms and you don’t get access to any unique site themes.


We hope that this LearnWorlds review has been helpful in narrowing down your online course platform choice. Make sure to get in contact with us here at Course Creek if you have any questions!

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