Making A Smooth Transition Into The Remote Work Force

virtual training Mar 26, 2020

Here at Course Creek, we’re all about helping individuals, businesses, and organizations, find success through online course consultation. We all know that there are many benefits to working from home.

  • No boss looking over your shoulder

  • No rules or schedule to follow

  • No transportation costs


The list goes on and on. What many people don’t know is that it is important to prepare for the transition, as it may be a bit more involved than you think. So many of our clients ask us the same questions over and over,


“How do home workers manage to get things done with all of the distractions around them?”


“How do I create a schedule for myself that promotes efficiency throughout my day?”


Here are some of our top tips to help make sure that the transition from the office to the remote workforce is as smooth as possible!


1. Create a Dedicated Workspace


Creating A Home Workspace

It’s so easy to plop down anywhere in the house when you begin working from home. The problem with this is that your workday never truly ends, even when it technically does.


How could someone possibly use their bed to lay back and relax if they’ve been working from it all day?


This is why it is so important to find a space in the home to do the majority of your work. Whether that space is a home office, the garage, or the kitchen table, does not matter. What matters is that it remains separate from the haven-like nature of your home.


Having a dedicated workstation helps to boost productivity and creates both physical and mental and physical separation between your “work-life” and your “home life”.


2. Take Advantage of The Environment Around You!


Working At Coffee Shop
 Just because you work from home does not mean that you need to always be at home. It can feel so claustrophobic sitting in an office all day. We have bad news for you.

Sitting in your living room all day won’t feel any different...


The beauty of creating online courses and working from home is that you can use your mobility to work almost anywhere you want! Run down to that nice little cafe down the street. Post up at Starbucks and take advantage of that free Wi-Fi.


If you live in the city or any central location, there are no excuses here! Grab your bag, your laptop, your favorite pair of headphones, and head out into the world to find a workplace that suits you!


3. Plan For Breaks


Self-Employed Taking Breaks

Don’t ever allow your work to take over your entire day. Businesses give their employees breaks for a reason, as breaks allow employees to rest, recharge, and come back into the rest of the workday with a more positive attitude.


You are now your own boss, as well as your own employee. Plan an hour a day for lunch. Make it a non-intrusive time for yourself to relax. Eat a nice meal that you’ve prepped for yourself or catch up on an episode of one of your favorite shows.


We cannot stress the importance of creating a healthy, self-employed work schedule.


4. Create Deadlines


Creating Deadlines Self-Employed

It can be hard to defeat procrastination when you aren’t being held accountable by anyone else. This is why we find it very important to create work hours and deadlines for yourself when you are working from home. Begin by setting your work hours.


9am-5pm or 6pm to 2am


It truly doesn’t matter when you want to work, but it is crucial that you have the ability to adjust your lifestyle and body clock to suit your work schedule.


You also want to make sure to set deadlines for yourself. Here are a few tips to follow when setting self-made deadlines:

  • Prioritize your to-do list in terms of urgency

  • Create smaller, actionable chunks of work rather than trying to tackle a massive job

  • Use some sort of third-party motivation such as an application, a friend, or a colleague, to hold you accountable


5. Find Time To Spend With Others


Socializing As A Self-Employed Person

While working from home is fantastic for several reasons, it can tend to get a bit lonely. As we all know, humans are social creatures, and social interaction is very important for many reasons.


Make time to have lunch with others during your workday if possible. Maybe experiment with visiting a co-working space where others are working in a similar realm. If none of the above work for you, make sure to embrace time spent with family and friends after work to soak up all the social goodness you need to continue working throughout the week.


Just because you’re working from home does not mean you should give up on social interaction!


Whether you are looking to set up a face to face meeting or socialize with friends during the day, we recommend looking into using Zoom


Follow The Above Tips For A Smooth Transition


Working from home is one of the most rewarding abilities of the era we live in.


You want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself, taking care of your health, and create an efficient, effective, and positive work environment for yourself. You know yourself better than anyone. Do whatever you need to do to create a working environment that inspires you to grow.


While we have you, make sure to get in contact with us here at Course Creek for more information on how you can build successful and impactful online courses from the comfort of your own living room.

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