Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds vs. Uscreen - Learning Management Systems

online courses platforms Jan 30, 2022
Kajabi vs. LearnWorlds vs. Uscreen - Learning Management Systems

One thing I can assure you, nothing will burn up your time, money, and sanity more than discovering that you are not on the right online learning platform when it is already too late.


I've built 9 of my online courses on different platforms. And my experience consulting at courseCREEK has given me an opportunity to help clients with all kinds of special needs. This means there have been a lot of discussions about LMS platforms.


I will share with you the 3 best types of online learning management platforms and their general application.


 Self-Hosted Platforms (all-in-one) 

A self-hosted, all-in-one platform is a course platform that you build and implement (our courseCREEK creates and implements 😉) and operate at your domain. You will advertise and sell online courses on your platform. These typically come with more market challenges compared to marketplaces, but the profit margins are all yours. 


I like to differentiate between self-hosted " all-in-one " platforms and those that only offer an LMS (Learning Management System) interface. 


The All-In-One has three critical capabilities: 

  1. It gives you static pages - Ex; the "about us", "bio", etc,. 
  1. It gives you the LMS ( Learning Management System ). Where course lessons are hosted, and students engage in a course. 
  1. It has ALL of the required marketing features you must have to capture and nurture your online traffic, such as; email, lead magnets, funnels, segmentation, automation, cart abandonment, live chat system, etc.


Platforms that can give you all of this in one software can save you vast amounts of money and headaches. 


This is the way to go if;

  • You do not have a website yet, and you are starting from scratch. 
  • It is also the best option if your existing website needs an upgrade. 
  • It is the best option if you do not want to integrate 3rd party marketing software to your website. 


Here are two great all-in-one options I regularly recommend.



The most popular all-in-one self-hosted platform is Kajabi

In my opinion, Kajabi is the best all-in-one solution. If you want one platform that can handle everything, Kajabi is probably your best bet.  


The list of features Kajabi has is right on point: 

  • Kajabi has a fully functional, built-in email system that prevents you from having to purchase and integrate a 3rd party email software solution. 
  • You can create landing pages in Kajabi that you can route potential customers into funnel sequences. 
  • The built-in CRM gives you the tools you need to manage your leads and customers list. 
  • You can build dynamic websites with all the static "brochure" pages that everyone needs in addition to the LMS. 
  • The LMS offers numerous engagement elements like quizzes, assessments, pdf downloads, and video hosting. 
  • Kajabi gives you a built-in membership/subscription service. 
  • Kajabi offers a Facebook-like community. Course creators MUST build a community!
  • Kajabi offers an app. solution for free with your package. This means students can find you inside IOS, Android, etc.


That's only a few of the features that they offer. 


If you want your platform to do everything from course creation to website hosting and marketing, Kajabi is your best bet


And I will just tell you right now; this is my top recommendation for solopreneurs. It is also the platform I use for all of my courses.



LearnWorlds is the platform for people that have private schools; multiple courses, multiple teachers, and who are also interested in B2B sales. LearnWorlds is SCORM compliant which also allows high-end authoring tools such as articulate storyline to be used in the content creation. 


More about LearnWorlds:


  • LearnWorlds has a VERY cool set of engagement elements not available on other platforms. For example:  
  • LearnWorlds offers different kinds of test options. 
  • A note-taking interface for students to highlight text inside the course 
  • Branded digital certificates 
  • An outstanding, interactive video player lets you put quizzes and engagement elements directly into the player. 
  • Badging or gamification of students progresses, which helps to create positive peer pressure. 
  • LearnWorlds does not have a built-in email system like Kajabi. This means you will still need to integrate a 3rd party email software system to accommodate your inbound marketing needs.
  • SCORM compliant which enables articulate storyline and other outstanding authoring tools.
  • Is the best choice for multiple course marketplaces, multiple instructors, and private schools.
  • The best option for B2B licensing.


LearnWorlds is super cool. If Kajabi were unavailable, I would likely put my courses on LearnWorlds.


For clients that are attracted to the dynamic media player that allows you to add assessment engagement features inside the media player, ( a lot of people think that is valuable ), and want a vital gamification element with badges, it may tip the scales away from Kajabi.


Still, having a built-in email system with your platform, Kajabi, is hard to beat. Email is THAT important. 


OTT (Over The Top) and VOD (Video On Demand) Platforms

Simply stated, OTT/VOD platforms are used for the delivery of video and TV-quality content via the internet, without requiring users to subscribe to a traditional cable or satellite TV service. 



The OTT/VOD platform I recommend when we have clients that need this kind of system is USCREEN.TV.

The user experience of Uscreen.tv is similar to Netflix or YouTube Channel. There's a collection of videos in category groups that can be played on-demand, from any device (TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones). 


Uscreen.TV gives you a typical desktop/laptop user experience but it also can easily be converted to the following apps. 


  • ROKU 
  • AppleTV 
  • FireTV 
  • IOS 
  • Android 
  • AndroidTV 


The fact that Uscreen.TV can be converted to apps. is arguably the most significant selling point. 


This means your content is now available across 5x as many devices and accessed by more viewers.


Uscreen.tv scores high on aesthetic beauty in presentation and definition of content delivery, consistent with their fundamental use. 


Uscreen.tv is well suited for: 


  • Content that does not require a lot of academic engagement features like quizzes and assessments. 
  • Teaching that requires a lot of physical demonstration such as; fitness instructors, chefs, dance instructors, visual artists, or pure entertainment content like music videos or episodic content. 
  • Content that needs to be offered on devices other than only computers. 
  • Content that needs to be consumed by people that don't have access to smartphones, desktops, and laptops or are "tech-less" such as older people who can click and play on their TV. 
  • Building a Uscreen.TV platform is more straightforward than all the other self-hosted platforms because it is a templated system. This means you make less and add graphic and aesthetic elements to a pre-existing layout. This means getting a uscreen.tv up and running is HUGELY easier than other platforms. This is the #1 best thing about uscreen from an implementation perspective. 


Keep in mind that self-hosted, all-in-one platforms are also available on mobile devices, but not typically on-demand TV systems like ROKU. And even then, they are not quite as cool and user-friendly as Uscreen, and developing an app. is a huge challenge compared to just asking uscreen.tv to turn it on for you.


 I hope this helps... 


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