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online courses virtual training Mar 26, 2020


Working from home seems like a dream that is too far away for many…


Fortunately, the new technology available has allowed us to create home businesses for ourselves that have the potential to thrive. Of course, building an online course so that you have the ability to work from can be a lot of work at the start, which is the reason why many dismiss it in the first place.


Here at Course Creek, we’re about helping YOU build the online course of your dreams so that you may enjoy the freedom that so many seek. So before you decide that working from home “maybe just isn’t for you”, check out our top 5 reasons as to why it might be!


1. You Don’t Have To Deal With a Boss

Mean Boss Working From Home

Don’t like to be told what to do?

Working from home might be for you, as it allows you to work in whatever way suits you! No one is ever looking over your shoulder to make sure that you are doing what they think you should be doing. No one is ever guilt-tripping you for calling in sick or showing up late. You are the boss of you.


Sure, it does take a lot of responsibility, though it does provide you with your own personal freedom.


2. Excellent Tax Benefits

Self-Employed Tax Benefits


One of the best perks of working from home is the tax advantages, many of which are not given to regular employees.


Your online course requires a computer, right?


Does it also require Wi-Fi, a portion of your home, and other miscellaneous equipment and supplies?


Most likely!


These are all tax write-offs for those who are self-employed.


The beauty of owning a home business is that you can deduct all of your expenses from the money you make to come up with your net income. Of course, you want to follow tax laws carefully so that you don’t end up getting in trouble, so we highly recommend consulting with a tax expert first!


3. Control Over Your Schedule


Control Over Your Schedule

This is probably one of the most prominent benefits of creating an online course and working from home.


You are in charge of your day.


You can customize your work hours so that they work for your needs, allowing you the freedom to do other things in your life! Maybe you want to go work out in the morning, but your job doesn’t allow you to do so. Maybe you work better later in the evening, but the office is closed down then.


Again, you have your own schedule.


As with any positive, there is a negative. You must also be in charge of yourself so that you don’t become distracted by the temptations of being at home, such as procrastination. This is why we highly recommend creating a daily to-do list or organization plan.


This is one of the main traits of successful entrepreneurs. Watch the short video below, as it provides some nice little tips on how to optimize your to-do list:


4. Kill The Commute


No Commute Self-Employed

Commuting takes up such a huge portion of so many working lives. Not only that, but it also costs a lot too. Americans spend around $386 per month on gas alone. By cutting the daily commute out of your daily routine, you could help to put some of that cash back into your pocket for other things in your life.


5. Create Growth Opportunities For Yourself


Online Course Growth

It seems that the bane of many 9-5 workers is the fact that they will never be able to move up. Many people feel stuck in their jobs. The beauty of having an online course and working from home is that you have the ability to mix things up, optimize your life, and expand your own business.


Of course, your daily tasks might be somewhat similar, but as you create new course content and interact with new people, you will find that the excitement of growth potential is always around you.


Building A Business From Home


Excited to get started?


If not, you should be! Building an online course can be both lucrative and rewarding as long as you take the right approach. Here at Course Creek, we’re all about making sure our clients have all of the necessary tools and information to build effective and successful online courses.


Freedom is just around the corner. What are you waiting for?

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