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online courses platforms Jul 13, 2020

The demand for video content has increased over the past decade. It is now one of the most popular forms of social media around.

Just think about it.

What types of media do you consume? Most likely media from Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. If so, you must ask yourself,

"As a content creator and educator, am I giving my customers what they want?"

Of course, delivering your content in fashionable form is one thing. Monetizing that content is what truly matters. For anyone out there who is in the business of creating video content for sale, you should know about Uscreen.

Uscreen is one of the leading VOD OTT (Video-On-Demand Over-The-Top) platforms, and in our opinion, is one of the absolute best platforms for creators and entrepreneurs. This all-in-one platform is designed for fitness creators, coaches, artists, educators, brands, and anyone else who is seeking out a way to produce and sell incredible content.

With all of that said, there is nothing more frightening than knowing your destination, but not having a way to navigate to that point. This is why choosing the right platform is so important. You want one that offers you functionality, flexibility, and user-friendliness.

Continue with us through this article as we familiarize you with the brilliance of Uscreen and all it has to offer!


How Does Uscreen Work?

Uscreen is essentially a turn-key video monetization platform that was designed to help video creators sell their video content online. The Uscreen platform provides video creators with all of the necessary features to run a full-fledged business, including a website, payment collection, and user-management features.

To better understand Uscreen, we think that it is easiest to break it down into five key sections:

  • OTT Apps. (Stands for "Over The Top")

  • Video Creation

  • Customer Management

  • Sales Conversions

  • Payment Processing

OTT Apps

One thing that truly separates Uscreen from all of the other learning platforms out there is that it allows you to create native apps that are compatible with several smart devices, including:

uscreen OTT Apps

While the process of creating native apps might seem difficult, Uscreen makes it surprisingly easy. Uscreen users also see an average increase in revenue of around 30% from the additional app offerings which creates more opportunities for people to find your content. There aren't any other platforms quite like it that provide flexibility in content distribution and app creation.

Essentially, your consumers will be able to access your content from anywhere at any time. From any device and from existing popular content serving apps.

Beyond creating the apps, you can add your own unique branding into your apps as well, just as you do with your website. By syncing your uploaded content, website catalog, and filtering system to your native apps, making these apps unique is a breeze.

Video Creation

The Admin Panel is one of our favorite things about the Uscreen platform, as it comes with all of the necessary features built-in. If you have ever used any type of eCommerce platform, such as Shopify, you will have an easier understanding of Uscreen.

Uscreen Admin Panel
The built-in catalog can be customized to your business to enhance the customer experience and create better engagement. This is why it is extremely important to consider how you are creating your video experiences so that they flow nicely with your students.

Uscreen provides creators with the option to set up different packages and programs, as well as subscriptions. You'll never have to feel confined to a single option. Some of the top Uscreen users utilize a variety of packaging options, including locked content, drip systems, and free videos.

You can also create your own branded OTT apps so your customers can view your videos anyway that they want, including Roku, iOS, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android.

Customer Management

Uscreen is unlike other platforms in that they make it clear that YOU are the owner of your data. All of your Uscreen data can be exported for you to look at at any time. If you ever want to leave the Uscreen platform, you'll be able to take all of the data with you to do as you please.

"Robust" is the word that comes to mind when we think of the Uscreen customer management system. Here you can assign revoke access, change user management, view your account page, and send out coupons and discount codes.

With the reporting side of the platform, you'll get access to different data, such as analytics, activity, watch time, popular devices, and more.

UScreen Customer Management 

Sales Conversions

With Uscreen, you simply focus on putting out great content and the platform will do everything else.

You get to use the premium themes on Uscreen and create your own website without having any knowledge of coding! We recommend checking out some of their example websites as well.

Uscreen visual editor 

Beyond the sleek and modern design, the videos integrate nicely with the Uscreen website. Plus, the entire sales processed is custom-designed by you.

You can provide all of your content for free before upselling your customers on different subscriptions or packages, Your shop is completely customizable so that it fits with your brand. You can easily adjust your colors, add your logo, and more, all by taking advantage of the intuitive visual editor.

Payment Processing

Compared to other Video On Demand platforms out there, Uscreen has superior payment processing options. Uscreen provides users with the option to reduce churn for tracking sales while focusing solely on lead generation.

Their payment pages are made for conversion and are fully optimized to convert your leads into paying customers and subscribers.

You can choose to use a number of different payment providers as well, including Paypal, Stripe, or Uscreen. Each payment processing option comes is SSL secured at checkout.


One of the major benefits of using Uscreen as a payment provider is that you pay the same price as you would with Paypal, though you only have to wait one business day to get your money!

How Is This Different from Platforms Like Kajabi or Teachable?

One of the clear differences between Uscreen and other platforms, such as Kajabi or Teachable, is the fact that Uscreen allows you to create your own OTT apps.

Secondly, it uses an instructional design template that is similar to YouTube or Netflix, which is arguably more user-friendly for a majority of users that do not have a need for more rigorous instructional design and student engagement elements such as quizzes, gamification, modules, lessons in a traditional LMS ( learning management system ). It may not have the same depth in real education features, though with a glossy appeal and a system that is exponentially easier and quicker to deploy, you can get your channel up and running in no time. Indeed, the saving on implementation alone is one of the most compelling arguments for uscreen.

Thirdly, the Uscreen system has tons of rock-solid templates so you don't have to deal with WordPress-like pages and plug-ins breaking. You simply upload videos, order them into groups, create a paywall, and inject your unique branding. Essentially, you could finish organizing your Uscreen course over one weekend.


Final Verdict

Uscreen has made quite an impact in the world of video eCommerce. Whether you are a veteran videographer, a software developer, or a newbie to the game, Uscreen combines functionality and user-friendliness to create a well-balanced platform for you to monetize your video content.

Once you have your storefront set up, all you have to do is upload and organize your content and decide what types of sales and marketing are best for your business!
If you're interested in Uscreen but you don't want to commit to the $99 per month Basic Plan, then make sure to sign up and take advantage of their 14-Day Free Trial!
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