Selling only your time is NOT a sustainable option.

Our Approach

We help you turn your expertise into passive revenue streams, generate leads, increase your authority and build a lasting legacy.




The CourseCREATE Framework

Actionable Plan

You will meet with our expert team of instructional designers, implementation managers, and marketing specialists to develop an actionable plan. This guarantees we are in alignment with your needs.

Instructional Design

Our A.D.D.I.E. certified Instructional Designers will work with you to build a storyboard and help design your curriculum on SCORM authoring software. This includes creating the content for you.

Message Alignment

We are Certified in Storybrand Copywriting and GrowthWorks campaign planning. This will ensure your messaging is aligned at every customer touch point in your customer's journey.

Video Production and Editing

eLearning courses typically require video. We will invite you to an on-location video shoot studio or utilize AI technology to create and edit your videos. 

Systems and Automation

Our funnel specialists will then turn on the automation sequences that will run 24/7 to capture, nurture, and convert your web traffic to new passive revenue streams.

Ascend to Marketing

After your course has been planned, designed, and built, our in-house marketing team will ensure that the "engines" we built for you receive targeted traffic for high sales conversions.


The Process

You Get The BEST

CourseCREEK utilizes proven frameworks, including EOS, Business Made Simple, and digital marketing best practices. Our team of experts is certified in A.D.D.I.E. and trained in Storybrand copywriting and GrowthWorks campaign strategy to help clients achieve their goals.

Communication Tools

At CourseCreek, we use top project management tools, such as Slack client channels and Google Drive, to ensure a highly communicative collaboration within our teams. When you work with CourseCreek, you are truly part of the team. We need you to be involved.

CourseCREEK Platform Partnerships

We use the best technology to ensure you have the latest features and capabilities.
We aim to help you improve lives, starting with yours.

Facebook Ads
Google Ads
Google SEO
Go HighLevel
Funnel Scripts

Consider monetizing your expertise instead of only selling your time. CourseCreek will do just that for you.


Receive weekly guidance from our team on successfully designing, implementing, and marketing your online course.

Here are a few things you'll learn:
  • How to properly define a topic for your course
  • How to design engaging lessons (including three brilliant tools you can use)
  • How to NOT look like an amateur on camera
  • Top 3 eLearning platforms you should use
  • Five landing page mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • ...and much more!