Digital Marketing


 Our SEO, PPC, SMM, and LinkedIn Lead Generation teams work closely with our marketing funnel experts. This helps you benefit from seamless communication and cohesive strategies from our expert, unified team.



Our Digital Marketing Packages

Search Engine Optimization

Dominate Google's First Page with Professional SEO Services from CourseCREEK. Our experts optimize your website with strategic keyword research and tracking industry-specific keywords for improved rankings. Stay ahead of the game by tracking KPIs and adjusting your strategies and budgets to maximize your company's value.

Social Media Marketing

Expand Your Brand Globally with Custom Social Media Posts from CourseCREEK. Schedule posts for days, weeks, or months and enhance engagement, build a loyal audience and generate organic leads. Our expert social media specialists will meet with you on a 1:1 to make sure the messaging is right every time.

Paid Ads and Omnichannel PPC

Maximize Your Online Presence with Omni-Channel PPC Marketing from CourseCREEK. Boost lead generation, customer retention, and brand building by reaching customers on all their online platforms. Increase the chances of converting prospects to customers with targeted ads that create a memorable experience. Empower your customers and create a seamless buying journey with touch point carefully crafted by our marketing and funnel expertise team.

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More About Our Services

Facebook & Instagram Ads

At CourseCREEK, we understand the unique benefits of Facebook and Instagram ads, and we can help you leverage them to grow your business. With targeted Facebook ad campaigns, you can reach your exact target audience based on demographics, location, interests, and behaviors, improving your location-based search results and increasing your online visibility.

Google Ads

Boost Your Online Visibility with Sponsored Links on Search Engines. Our integrated dashboard provides real-time reporting on all your campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Easily track activity levels and get full visibility of vital metrics to ensure maximum ROI. This includes a weekly status report provided to you via email and inside your slack channel.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team conducts individual research and 1:1 meetings with clients to ensure your messaging is correct and the right keywords are being used. We understand the importance of distinguishing yourself from competitors to improve your business ranking. We will optimize your blogs with extensive keyword research to identify the most relevant and effective keywords for your business and help you rank higher under those keyword searches.

LinkedIn Lead Gen

CourseCREEk provides LinkedIn lead generation and sales outreach by writing proven copy for you and sending sequenced messages to your ideal clients every month. LinkedIn outreach has never been easier with our client dashboard which gives you a centralized user-interface to engage interested prospects. We will set everything up for you so you can scale outreach with our interface between sales navigator and our dashboard.

Digital Marketing Is a Necessity 

Boost Your Business Visibility: Potential Clients Need to Know You Exist.

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Here are a few things you'll learn:
  • How to properly define a topic for your course
  • How to design engaging lessons (including 3 brilliant tools you can use)
  • How to NOT look like an amateur on camera
  • Top 3 eLearning platforms you should use
  • 5 landing page mistakes to avoid at all costs
  • ...and much more!