Project Professionalism on Camera


Learn how to exude a polished delivery on camera and steer clear of amateurish and low-budget production vibes.





People buy from people who look professional and project confidence in their presentations.

Maximize Your Sales Potential with On-Camera Mastery. Connect with Your Audience More Effectively and Boost Sales of Your Products and Services

  No longer feel awkward and lack confidence on camera.

Save money by learning to create video yourself.

  DIY video gear recommendations that produce professional content.

  Learn how to set up your video gear with workflows.

  Learn how to frame your shot.

 Learn how to get a great background.

See the course curriculum below ... 

There are about 20 simple tips you can implement to completely transform your on-camera appearance, sound and delivery – these are lessons that ANYONE can do regardless of your experience level.

Develop a Skill in Less than 4 Hours and Boost Your Marketing and Sales Efforts with Repeated and Bigger Returns

It is easy, you just need to know what to do.



On-Camera Course for Creators

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>>  Purchase the right gear that will enable you to look professional for less than $500

>>  Quickly & easily set up your gear so you can get right into filming without wasting time

>>  Frame your shot to look and sound good every single time

>>  Find 3 to 4 spots in your home that can easily be used as great backgrounds

>>  Deliver your on-camera material with confidence and authority

>>  Improve the quality of your on-camera presentations to sell more products and services

Student Testimonials

"Robert Lunte never disappoints. This is a must-take course with the best curriculum you cannot find anywhere else. Absolute best!"

- Debbi Tutor

VP of Sales Convergent IT

"Hi Robert, after only a single week, I received compliments about my improvement. It is one thing if you notice an improvement in yourself. It is another thing when others notice it. I couldn't be happier."

- David Dittman

President, Next Level Performance, A Dittman Company

"Your program is the only thing giving me any REAL progress. Your program is seriously beyond anything I have ever seen. Nothing has made more sense or had more impact in a very short time! Thank you infinitely!"

- Denise Smith

Ph.D., CNM, FACNM Assistant Professor, Research & Scholarship, College of Nursing

What's Included In The Course


Getting Started

Discover why developing your on-camera skills is critical to growing your business in today's economy.  

Included Lessons:

  Welcome & Expectations

  Without Content, Nobody Knows Who You Are

  Benefits of a VOD, Cohort & Masterclass Course


DIY Video Gear

Understand what gear you need to produce professional-looking videos and how to easily set it all up.

Included Lessons:





  Teleprompters VS. Bullet Scripts

  Monitor Software

  Recommended DIY  Video Gear Store

  Plugging It All In 



DIY On-Camera Without Looking Like An Amateur

Implement these tips to look great on camera and avoid looking like an amateur.

Included Lessons:







  Before & After Examples

  Alternatives Formats to Talking Head



Fire-Up Your Lesson Plan

Learn the FIRE-UP formula for how to create engaging presentations that compel your audience to take action. 

Included Lessons:

  The Different Kinds of Marketing Videos

  The Simple Presentation Formula

Meet your On-Camera & Voice Coach

Robert Lunte

As an international voice coach, Founder of CourseCREEK, and eLearning educator, I understand the overwhelming feeling of creating a great-looking video that captivates an audience and drives them to take action. With over 25+ years of experience, I've taught numerous coaches and professionals like you how to confidently share their expertise in front of a camera.

With nearly 20 courses and hundreds of hours in front of a camera, my techniques are founded on practical experience. These techniques have benefited over 100,000 students in 179 countries worldwide become better speakers, presenters, and influencers. Regardless of your experience level, this course will teach you the right techniques to look and sound great on camera every time.

More Client Testimonials

More  Client Transformations...

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>>  Clare Gangadeen | Ridercise

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>>  Mike Aning | Mosaic Mortgage

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>>  Branden Hubbell | Kingdom Story


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