The Significance of Email Marketing

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There are a number of marketing strategies available to companies looking to promote their product and services online.


One of the top strategies is email marketing.


According to eMarketer, email marketing has four times the ROI compared to any other marketing channel. This means that it is a must-use marketing channel for sales professionals.


Course Creek has the expertise to set up proper email infrastructure for online courses. You MUST market your course if you expect to stay ahead of the curve.


Here are just a few of the things that Course Creek can do to help optimize your eLearning course email marketing strategy:

1. Lead Magnets - Lead magnets are one of the most valuable resources for your audience, which allows you to obtain their contact information. When a visitor finds a helpful resource on your website, they are likely to exchange their contact information for it. This contact information can then be used the next time you want to pitch a course. Leads include, but aren’t limited to:


  • Video training

  • Free tools or resource guides

  • Free mini-course

  • Ebook or PDF


2. Drip Sequence - A single newsletter or email isn’t going to make a big sale for your business. Drip sequences allow us to effectively nurture leads to communicate regularly with your customers. This can increase sales and re-engage customers in a way that is scalable. Our goal at Course Creek is to create a sequence of automated emails, which can be sent on a predefined schedule to specific email subscribers in order to achieve greater results.


3. Professionally Written Copy - If you want to communicate your message in a more compelling way to attract more customers, you will need professionally written copy. Professionally. Professional copy can help to:


  • Craft content tailored to your industry

  • Provide engaging, error-free content

  • Encourage customers to buy

  • Create higher conversions


4. Developing Traffic Funnels


The traffic from your email strategy must be captured in a "funnel", which can then be segmented by email software. Funnels take lead magnets, evaluate them, and put them into lists for future promotions. They can help you to see through which routes you are losing or gaining customers.


Of course, it doesn’t stop there. From landing pages to videos to CTAs, we can do it all. Plus, it is all automated, meaning you won’t have to worry about a thing.


If you are a course creator, having this stuff is extremely important. Let's find out why.


Top Industries For Email Marketing Growth


We recently received a link to a new article from Mailerlite discussing the state of email marketing in 2020.


This article outlined that while there is positive, current growth for email marketing in all industries, the amount of growth varies by industry. For 2020, the top 5 industries that experienced the most growth in terms of volume, include:

  • Authors - 48.32%

  • Online Courses - 47.72%

  • Publishing - 43.03%

  • Media - 41.12%

  • Education - 33.57%


What Do These Industries Have In Common?


Notice something here?


All of these industries are either directly or indirectly related to the eLearning industry, which includes online course production.


During times of social distancing, these industries are seeing massive spikes in response to email marketing. This means that if you are in the eLearning industry, you must be aware that there is currently competition for subscribers coming from all angles.


Setting up an online course is simply not enough.


Like we said before, you MUST be able to market your course properly see that ROI. The number one way to market your course is, of course, email marketing.


The Importance of Proper Email Infrastructure in eLearning

Email Marketing Metrics

What Is Email Marketing?


Is it still as effective as it was 5 years ago?


Email marketing allows us to gain access to a prospective customer’s inbox. Essentially, it is a direct form of communication that can be used over and over again for a low cost.


Emails are great, as they allow us to see the results of our efforts right away. Consumers receive many emails on a daily basis, some of which can be inspiring and prompt them to visit the websites in question.


Some email marketing topics that one might expect to receive, include:

  • News

  • CTAs

  • Sales Pitches

  • New Offers

  • Educational Emails


The ability to measure the response to these emails is what makes this type of marketing so incredibly powerful. Using email metrics, we have the ability to monitor and measure your overall email marketing strategy as a whole.


As a business, you can understand what worked and what didn’t. Some critical email marketing variables include:

  • # of emails sent

  • # of emails delivered

  • # of emails opened

  • Click-through rate

  • # of completed responses

  • Conversion rate


In terms of the effectivity of email marketing in this day and age, just look at the results of the major collaborative research effort by Smart Insights and GetResponse, which showed that still one of the most effective strategies.

Effectiveness Of Digital Media Channels

Email Marketing For Your Online Course

Email Marketing

There are a number of reasons why you should set up email marketing for your online course:


It is a direct form of communication. The recipient is much more likely to open an email that has their name on it vs. one that seems generic.


It is a convenient form of communication. People are constantly checking their emails with their mobile devices. People of all ages and demographics have the ability to interact with their emails using their smartphones, meaning you can create the ability to communicate with your audience, no matter who they are.


Email marketing can be a reminder about new content. A consumer is likely to visit your website once, though maybe never again. With email marketing, you have the ability to send your audience constant reminders about new course information, special deals, or simple, educational content.


Lastly, email marketing is practical and inexpensive. The cost is extremely low compared to other forms of marketing.


Now you might be thinking,


“Okay, email marketing is obviously beneficial, but how can I go about optimizing my email marketing strategy, let alone setting it up?”


That’s where we come in.


Get In Contact With Us At Course Creek!


Make sure to get in touch with us here at Course Creek for more information on setting up top-notch email marketing strategies for your online courses and we wish you good luck!

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